Stuff is happening (durp)

Nothing too exciting, just school and work and family and blah. BUT I got straight A’s this semester which is not so Blah. Only two classes but they were pretty homework intensive classes so I’m counting it as a solid Win. The best class was my Concepts in Creativity class. Learned some great creativity exercises but the best part was being able to design fun stuff that wasn’t limited to a Corporate Color Scheme or business line. Also? My professor was really good and I told her as much when I picked up my final assignment and grade. Knowing that I’m ever the socially awkward gal, this is no small thing. It would’ve been easier to slip in, pick up my project then email her later. I really wanted to let her know that I appreciated her class and also find out what other courses she teaches so I can have her again. Guess what? She said I was a very good student (duh) and am very creative and very talented. SQUEAL! AND there was another student in the room picking up his project and I heard him say, “Yeah, you are.”

It’s one thing getting a good grade, it’s something else entirely hearing it from your professor and a fellow student. Call me whatever but I need reminders every now and then that I’m doing the right thing.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the summer off (of school, at least) and try not to dwell on the FOUR MORE FRICKEN YEARS OF SCHOOL I HAVE LEFT due to only being able to take two classes at a time and no graphic design courses being offered during the summer. At least I’ve got a couple birthday parties to design invitations and other party things for.

(check out the left column. See that little button/sticker/badge/rectangle thing? If you’re at all interested in digital scrapbooking, go there. It’s a great site. Trust me.)


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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes you feel way behind or there’s just too much life going on to fully appreciate how you’re doing in school and when a teacher or classmate compliments your work it’s very rewarding. Congrats on doing so well!

    I can’t remember, what are you majoring in?

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