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Last night I presented Jonas with a new Star Wars t-shirt and he exclaimed, “A new space shirt?!” I had to explain that it wasn’t just any space shirt but a Star Wars t-shirt. Then to my further embarrassment I had to remind him of the Lego Star Wars game daddy and I play and made a mental note to buy the damn movies already because this is just pitiful. He loved the shirt and said he wanted to wear it tomorrow and show Gramma.

He then picked out his jammies while I was in my room putting clothes away and called for help. “Buddy, you can put on your jammies,” I call back, “You do it all the time.” “But, I just need help!” So I called him into my room and he ran in (because he can’t slow down long enough to walk) wearing nothing but his Mickey Mouse underpants carrying his jammies. I helped him put them on while made this little squawking noise he does when he’s trying to be cute. “Mommy, I really yike you.” “I really like you, too, buddy.” “You’re my sweet baboo.” “No, you’re MY sweet baboo.” “I am NOT your sweet baboo!”

I asked him if he wanted to say goodnight to Daddy and then called Matt. Holding the phone to his ear, he greeted his father with, “Good night, daddy!” and handed the phone back to me. “No, Jonas, I think Daddy wants to talk to you some more.” He chatted a little bit; telling daddy that he got a new puzzle at gramma’s house and put it together all by himself then with typical Jonas Phone Etiquette abruptly ended the conversation. “Bye. I yuv you.” And handed me the phone.

After his bedtime story, he demanded hugs and kisses. We hugged and kissed then I started kissing him all over his face until he was giggling like crazy. “Ok, good night, Jojo.” “Good night, mommy.” “I love you.” “I yuv you, mommy.”

About 20 minutes later, I leave his sister’s room and hear from his room (like I do every night), “Mommy! I need more more hugs and kisses.” I peek my head in and ask (like I do every night), “More more hugs and kisses??” “YEAH!” Heaving an exaggerated sigh I go into his room again, “Ok, I guess I can give you more more hugs and kisses.” His little arms envelope my neck  and I kiss his cheek, ear, the soft spot where his neck meets his shoulder, and he does his little squawk again before pulling back and kissing me on the mouth, the nose, the chin and giving me eskimo kisses. I caress his cheek and smile, “Good night, buddy.” “Good night, mommy.” A last hug and I head to the door where we blow each other kisses and put them in our pockets for later.


We received the letter saying Jonas has been accepted into the district’s school readiness program (pre-school) next year and it’s bitter sweet. I’m very excited for him to interact with other kids his age and learn new things but I’m not ready for kindergarten which is only a year after that. My baby… It really doesn’t get any easier, this sending kids off into the world thing. They’re eager to fly away and I want to keep them safe in their beds.

He cannot wait to go to school.

I cannot wait for more more hugs and kisses.


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