Everything Floats

Last week I talked the kids into watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl but warned them that there are ghost pirates. Jonas kept asking for popcorn but I told him we were going to wait until the ghost pirates come then we’ll make popcorn so we don’t have to see it (I have no real reason for why I didn’t just skip it, it just seemed like a good place to stop for popcorn). The moment arrives and I say, “Alright! Let’s go make popcorn!” I turn down the tv and herd the children into the kitchen and dig out the air popper. Jonas freaks out because he doesn’t have a stool so he can’t watch the popcorn.

–side note: Hollywood spends millions of dollars on special effects and my kid prefers to watch an air popper.—

I tell him to go get the stool out of the bathroom.

“But, I’m scared!”

“It’s ok, buddy, just don’t look at the t.v.”

He ventures out and sneaks a peek at the t.v. at which point Jaden screams, “NO, JONAS! DON’T LOOK AT THE T.V.!” with all the drama usually saved for a horror movie.


Jonas has a deep-felt love of Charlie Brown cartoons. His most recent favorite is “Happiness is a Warm Blanket.” For the last month or so he’s been saying to me, “Mommy, I really like you. You’re my sweet baboo.” If I dare to reciprocate and tell him he is my sweet baboo, he pulls a perfect Linus and yells, “I am NOT your sweet baboo!”


I’ve gained a pant-size. Most people would not be happy about this but I am very happy about it. Friday night I ran my hand over my hip absent-mindedly while I was talking to Matt and I stopped talking and pulled up my shirt to inspect my hip bone.  I ran my hand over it again. Soft. Smooth. No more jutting hip bone.  I smiled and took Matt’s hand and showed him. He smiled and said, “Congratulations, babe.” Still smiling, I ran my hands over my hips again relishing the feel of the soft skin under my finger tips.


Sometimes I have to list out these accomplishments to remind myself to focus on all the little good things instead of the little bad things. I really need to do it more often. I think we all do.


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  1. Oh man, I so know that first situation well. I don’t think Inara is actually afraid of half the things she claims to be, she just wants to be scared of things for some reason. One that I encountered recently was an alien-themed game on the Lego website where you can either by the “Earth Defense Force” protecting the humans or you can be the Aliens who are abducting humans with their tractor beam. She kept playing it, then telling me that it gives her nightmares and that it was really scary. So I told her to stop playing it.
    “No way, Daddy! It’s really fun!”

    Another thing that drives me crazy is that we’ll watch a movie, she’ll enjoy it immensely (the Transformers movie series comes to mind), but then someone on the other side of her family will say something like “But isn’t that movie scary for you?” or “I don’t know if you should be watching that, it’s pretty violent!” and then she’ll come back here with an attitude of not wanting to watch those movies anymore because they’re too scary or too violent. I’m not allowed to watch Doctor Who around her for those reasons. I wanted to watch the Christmas Special with her (it was cute! A planet full of living Christmas trees!), but was shot down because she might tell Mommy and then someone will freak out. It’s frustrating.

    Congrats on the weight gain! It’s good to feel comfortable in your own skin. Personally I set a goal to lose 40lbs this year, which wouldn’t make me “skinny” by any means but I’ll fit into my wedding outfit far better, and I’m already 8lbs down! I’m already pretty comfortable in my current weight (I figure that once you hit your thirties, you should have a pretty good idea of where you want to be weight-wise), but the custom outfit I’m having made for the wedding is a bit unforgiving so I have to work on it.

    “Sometimes I have to list out these accomplishments to remind myself to focus on all the little good things instead of the little bad things.”

    This, very much!

  2. […] quote from this post by my friend Maranda […]

  3. Congrats on your own weight-driven achievments! And isn’t it funny how easily suggestable kids are? I try really hard to not say things might be scary because as soon as I say that, it’s ruined. I figured I had to warn them about the ghost pirates, though. Those things are freaky!

    (Dang it, I have GOT to start watching Dr. Who!)

  4. They really are. I mention something like that to Inara once when she’s 2 and over three years later, it’s still an issue. I can’t believe that she even remembers things like that.

    I would so recommend watching Doctor Who! The two most recent series have been super amazing, I love Matt Smith as the newest Doctor, he’s fantastic. (The fact that his companion, Amy Pond, is an extremely feisty redhead kinda helps too. Plus she and her husband are all the cute ever, especially when he basically goes around blowing up the universe to save her.)

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