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We only hire the best!

The following exchange actually happened today at a local Americanized TexMex fast food joint over lunch.

Guy: “Your total is $4.27”

Me: “Here you go!” (hands him my card and ID)

Guy: (looks at my ID) “Oh, I don’t really need this.” (turns my card over, see ‘SEE ID’ written in the signature box)”Oh.”

Me: “Yeah, I had my card stolen once so I put that on there.”

Guy:  “Oh, well, whatever. I don’t even know what I’m looking for.”

Me: “Well, for starters, if the name matches…”

Guy: “Yeah, I guess.”

Me: “They never trained you on standard card reading procedures?”

Guy: “Whatever. They don’t pay me enough to learn.”

Me: “Uh…huh…”

Guy: (hands me card and receipt) “Your order number is 108. Have a nice day.”

Me: “Yeah, you, too.”

OK, let’s just think about this exchange. First, guy blows off the fact that I handed him my ID, which in itself is a voluntary security check on my part. Then he further blows off the importance of checking identity AFTER I tell him I had my card stolen. THEN he blames his pay grade for not knowing how to check a damn name?

As Jessie said, “They need to take his Service Champion name tag away.”


One Response

  1. And that’s why so many credit cards get stolen in this country. No one understands the importance of card security until it happens to them. I keep mine secure by never having any money available on any of them! :/

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