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Sweet Music

Sassy Cowgirl

When we were visiting my cousins in Montana in July, the girls (me, Cuz and J) went shopping one afternoon. After we spent too much money at the local candy store, toy store and book store, I decided I wanted to get the kids cowboy hats. Cuz took us to a few places but I didn’t see anything that a) wasn’t less than $50 or b) wasn’t made of cheap straw. The last place we looked Jaden found the perfect hat. Only it was $20 and made of plastic. She modeled it for me as a compromise. (See above picture)

See that juice bottle in her hand? While I was walking around looking at all the western themed trinkets and talking myself out of buying an adorably over-adorned belt for Jonas, Jaden was trying to blow into that bottle to make music. Well, she succeeded: “Mommy!! I was blowing into my bottle so hard that I farted!” then she ran to Cuz on the other side of the giant open area we were in and I hear, “Yeah, I heard you tell your mom.”

She spent the rest of the time in the store trying to re-create the moment, but some moments are once-in-a-lifetime.

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