Sibling equality (in the form of a poop story)

Have I mentioned here that Jonas is fully and certifiably POTTY TRAINED? WHOOO! HAZZAH!! ETC!! There was one morning in the last three weeks where his pull up was wet and that was  because someone (*ahem*daddy*cough*) forgot to have him go potty before bed. We probably could get rid of the pullups all together but how was I supposed to know the minute we bought a pack of the durn things, he’d stop needing them? In short: we got ’em, let’s use ’em.

Point: things are going great and I feel like I’m tempting the fates here but with Jonas’ history, I also feel that we’re good to go. Once he’s ready and has figured something out, that’s it. No more work required. We are DIAPER FREE and adorable Mickey Mouse Underpants abundant.

With that said…

Last night Matt was on his was out the door to take Jonas to the doctor for a routine check up. Shoes on, squeaky turtle in hand, Jonas says, “Let’s go, daddy!” Which is great and all except for the fact that he’s holding his butt with his other hand.

“Jonas, do you need to go potty?”

“No, I don’t need go potty,” he replies earnestly. Only now he’s starting to walk around in circles with a concerned look on his face which is his “I have to poop” dance. Minus the “my butt hurts” chorus.

“Let’s go sit on the potty just to be safe, ok?”

“Ok,” he quickly relents, still holding his butt and looking worried. We go into the bathroom and sure enough, he’d had a little accident. Not much and he did the rest of his nasty dirty sinful business (and it was a LOT let me tell you) in the potty itself. I reassured him that it was ok, he wasn’t in trouble and accidents happen. Then I rinsed out his underpants and got him a clean pair which he happily put on. I tried to put his shorts back on him but he protested: “No, mommy, der’s poop in der!” And I reassured him (much like I did his sister just over 3 years ago in a Target bathroom stall) that there wasn’t any poop in them, it was in his underpants which were being cleaned now. His shorts were all clean. He was happy and put them on then washed his hands because…yeah I don’t know how IT got on them but…well, he washed his hands really well.

I told Matt what happened and my theory around why it happened, which is this:

Jonas says his “butt hurts” when he has to go potty because he’s usually constipated so he’s associating the urge to go with the pain that comes with constipation. Now, usually, when his butt hurts, he’s got some time before the show starts, so to speak, and this time it caught him completely off guard because, for once, he wasn’t constipated. I give him mad props for holding the rest in (did I mention it was a TON) until we got to the bathroom.

So, in reference to the post a couple back when I lamented not writing about Jonas as much as I did Jaden, well now he has a poop story all his own on the internet for all the world to read. He can take comfort that his took place BEFORE he left the house and that no one stepped in it.

Good job, buddy, and you’re welcome!


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