My husband has been taking full advantage of the summer (unlike some people who have been focusing on online gaming and party planning and photobook making and registering for college.) and in the process has lost 25 pounds!!


Now, he’s always been wicked sexy to me, but let me tell you, man is looking gooooooooooooood.

Sorry, I don’t have any nice pec pics for you.

I do have adorable pics he took last night when he strapped his bike and Jaden’s tandem to the back of the Outlander (I think that’s what we have now…) and then took her on a TWELVE (12) MILE bike ride.

The crazy part? When they got back, she was exhausted not at all. She was rosy cheeked and happy and “YEAH! I totally rode my bike all over the fricken place!” Except she didn’t say any of that. It was more of an aura she radiated. She didn’t look sweaty and I didn’t feel like giving her a bath so I told her to go splash some water on her face. She took it to the extreme. Matt went into the bathroom and found her stripped down to her underpants and water EVERYWHERE. “Sweetie, that’s not exactly how you do it.” After she wiped up her mess (seriously, water ALL over the floor and sink) (side note: I found a half-soaked full roll of toilet paper in the bathroom the other day. No idea how that happened as NO ONE will own up to it.) I told her it was time to get to bed but she was all pumped from her TWELVE MILE BIKE RIDE so she grabbed her DS and said, “I’m just going to play my DS for a little while before I go to sleep.”

And she did.

I’m so proud of both of them.

Oh, what did Jonas and I do while they were gone? We played in the backyard: swung on the swingset, watched him try and fail to ride his trike in the grass, watched him hit the croquet ball around the yard narrowly missing Daisy, played fetch with Daisy, etc. After 20 minutes of that I was done so we went inside (“I don’ wanna go inside!” “Well, I’m going in so you have fun.” Walks in the house. Hears fresh cries of “Wait! Mommy!”) and he watched Pingu while I played Shaky Tower on Matt’s Slate and calmly asked him not to touch mommy right now because that makes the tower fall over.

See? I can bond with my kids, too.


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