We celebrated Jonas’ third birthday this past Sunday at the Como Zoo.  We also celebrated a week of dry underpants (including dry mornings). Remember how  I was all, “Dude, just sit on the damn potty!” and he was all, “NO!! I DON’T WANNA SIT ON-A POTTY!” Well, one morning I gave him the choice, “You can sit on the big potty or the little potty, but you’re sitting on one of them.” And yes, there was some jelly bean bribes involved.

After we returned from our (awesome) trip to Montana, we started cracking down on the potty training thing. Jonas responded by peeing on my MIL’s brand new rug. And on her floor later that afternoon. BUT a few days after that, he stopped, y’know, wizzing wherever he felt like it. So, we’re over a week dry and I’m calling it done! Boy is potty-trained. And it only took two weeks once we actually started trying for reals.

It’s hitting me a little hard. More so than Jaden, probably because it took forever with her but, also, she had my undivided attention for the first three years of  her life.  Between his potty thing and talking and laughing at jokes and playing with his sister and pretending and asking and speaking in complete sentences…I feel like I’ve missed the last three years. Parenthood and holding a career and trying to keep a house together and all the rest of it just drains me and I missed my baby’s…babyhood.

I was so much better about logging Jaden’s toddlerhood and funny stories and I so didn’t want Jonas to fall under the “second child curse” where there is less documentation of their existence. Yet, here it is. It seems like I’m racing to the next milestone and I don’t savor the moments we’re in. I know that’s not the case. I cuddle and play and tell each of them how much I love them every day and check on them every night before I go to sleep because their sweet sleeping faces erase any fights or tantrums we may have had that day.

Jonas, if and when you read this, please know that your babyhood was as special to me as your sister’s. You were my squishy wonderboy and you will always be my special little dodo (you did that to yourself, Mr. Can’t Pronounce Your J Sounds.). I hope you always ask me for “more more hugs and kisses” and then ask for “little baby kiss” then “regular kiss” then a “great big kiss” and trap me into a giant squishy hug.

Going up...coming down

Last night we went for a walk: Jaden on her bike, me walking Daisy and you and Daddy walking. I decided to take off at a jog to let Daisy run a bit. Behind me I heard cries of protest and turned around to see Daddy holding you while you reached out to me, thinking I was running away from you. Some day you will run away from me and I’ll be the one crying and reaching out.

Try not to run too far and too fast, ok?

2 Responses

  1. you made me cry 😦

  2. This was very beautiful. I hope that Jonas appreciates how much his parents love him. ❤

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