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Into parts unknown (at least by us)

My cousin and her husband (I never know how to refer to him. I usually say “cousin” but if I’m referring to the two of them as cousins that makes us sound all Appalachian.) moved to Montana ages and ages ago. I honestly can’t remember when but it was after Jaden was born but before Jonas was and before Matt and I got married so, let’s say… ages and ages ago.

They’ve been kind and gracious enough to make several trips back to Minnesota since they moved (forever ago, did I mention?) and Matt and I have been wanting to make a trip out there but things kept getting in the way (wedding, house buying, second baby, European honeymoon, etc.). FINALLY FINALLY we are making the trek out to Montana. In the car. With two young children. Total round trip time: 39 hours!! Or something close to that, I need to redo the map. But still, almost two days in the car.
We won’t end up not speaking to each other, I’m sure of it!
I’ve spent the last few weeks planning car games, buying car treats/activities, checking out audiobooks, making lists and more lists. In fact, I’ve planned the car part of the trip so much that I kinda spaced out on the actual Time In Montana Visiting Cousins part. Which is why I sent a frantic email to my cousin this morning: “So, um, what was all that stuff you mentioned that we could do while we were there? I kinda need to make yet another list.”
All dramatic LONGEST CAR RIDE EVER anxiety aside, I’m pretty excited for our first family vacation. The kids are excited, too, probably because they cannot conceive in their little minds exactly how long we will be in a car. We’re going to be camping for the first time with them as well. (OH! Must add “Jiffy Pop” and marshmallows to the shopping list!) Matt set up the tent this weekend to make sure there weren’t any giant gaping holes and I set up the ground rules for tent use:
1) Remove all shoes before entering the tent
2) Close all doors behind you upon entering tent
3) No running around or wrestling once inside the tent
4) If any of the above rules are broken, you will sleep outside with the bears.
“But, mommy, I don’t like bears! Bears are mean!”
“Oh, they’re not mean. Just don’t bother them and they won’t bother you. OR! Just follow all the rules and you won’t have to worry about it.”

Even after all that, they’re still excited so that’s a good sign.
I’ll have all kinds of fun stories and pictures from the trip that I’ll try to remember to post because regardless if anyone but me ever reads this, I’m gonna want to look back on this with a smile.

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  1. not sure what your take on TV IN CAR is …but i do have a dual dvd player combo that connects to the back of the two front head rests IF you would like to borrow (and it’s not during our MUCH MUCH shorter road trip). i know…TV is evil…but 39 hours in a car with two kids without tv can be well…is there a term when the parents are abused?? hehe…lemme know i just need it the 22nd-24th of July

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