2. Dog ate our floor

2. Dog ate our floor

Daisy was rescued by a local animal rescue group called MARS. We didn’t know anything about her background, her breeding, anything. Our most recent guess is that she’s some sort of Yorkie/Border Terrier/Cairn mix mutt thing. I would not go so far as to say she’s a “designer hybrid”. She’s definitely a mutt.

We soon found out baby has some separation anxiety issues. We tried kenneling her but she would freak out and literally cut up her gums trying to chew her way out of the kennel. She would rock around the kennel until it was half-way across the room. We decided to take her out of the kennel and keep her in the kitchen with a baby gate on either doorway. This worked out fine until she started jumping over the baby gate by the garage door and then forget she could jump back the other way so she’d have nowhere to go but the basement and that’s Meena’s domain. (Translation: “NO TRESPASSING OR I WILL EAT YOUR FACE!”)

The Saturday after we made that discovery was Jaden’s first Martial Arts Tournament. We put the gate up between the kitchen and the dining room and closed the door to the basement that had previously held the second baby gate. “That should do it,” we brushed the invisible dirt from our hands and went on our merry way. Three hours later we returned all aglow from our daughter’s rock star performance and ready to order some celebration pizza. The kids and I went inside and before I opened the door, we took off our shoes and coats. While the kids hung up their coats, I opened the door and froze.

I just stood there not believing what I was seeing.

What happened next is kind of fuzzy. I remember calling Matt over and us both just staring at it. I remember Matt scolding her, Daisy looking properly ashamed and being escorted outside. I remember the four of us cleaning up the mess and trying to figure out what we’re going to do with her.

We decided to let her have run of the house because we couldn’t kennel her and we couldn’t shut the door which meant we couldn’t just put her in the bathroom or something. Then followed a few weeks of me hounding the kids to pick up all their toys and I picked up everything else to make sure Daisy wouldn’t chew on stuff she wasn’t supposed to. There have been a few casualties (including a pair of shoes Jaden owned for 2 days but never wore) not to mention the many potty accidents.

So where are we now?

We’re tearing up the carpet and the linoleum and putting in vinyl planking in the living room, dining room and hallway and vinyl stone stuff in the kitchen and garage entry way thing. And Daisy is now in a smaller kennel and seems better for it. She’s getting more comfortable in it and actually goes in on her own now. She still has accidents over night so we need to work on that. She’s already cost us hundreds of dollars and the new flooring will be a few more thousand.

She knows “sit”, “lay down”, “give”, “down”, “go potty”, “go outside”. She pines for Matt when he leaves, laying on the back of the couch watching the driveway for a few minutes in case he comes back right away. She’s gotten pretty good at “settling” for me when Matt’s not home and not letting it show. It all goes to hell as soon as she hears the garage door and she looks out the front window and then dashes to the door to meet him. She cuddles with me when I read. She plays tug-a-pull with Jonas. She plays fetch with Jaden. She licks Polly’s ears and tries to play with Meena. She turns on her “pathetic puppy” charm to get us to bring her up onto the bed and then the next day she’ll jump up on her own with no problem. She brings her toys to us and drops them in our lap or at our feet to play. She cleans up Jonas’ chair after dinner. She sleeps in Jaden’s tree tent with all of J’s stuffed animals (blends right in, I might add). She’s crazy poofy after Matt bathes her and runs around the house, rubbing her face on the carpet to dry off. She’s afraid of the big dog she sees on her walk route. She’s tried to hunt out the rabbit nest behind the shed. She loves bounding in the snow but loves racing across the grass even more. She loves both sets of “grandparents” (and they love her). She ADORES men and is all over any man who comes to visit. (I call her “my little whore”.) She loves having her belly rubbed but will take any attention she can get. She likes to sleep between us at night, sometimes under the covers with her head on Matt’s pillow. Her tail waves like a banner 80% of of the time she’s awake and she makes cute little squeaky sounds when she sleeps.

Yeah, we'll keep her



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