Sexy Co-Ed Edition

People shouldn’t go to college until they’re at least 25. When I was 18 I had no idea what I wanted to do so I didn’t go to college. Best decision EVER! Seriously, it worked out nicely for me in the long run but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to others. Entering the office world at 19 was kind of an anomaly and I can thank my ex-boyfriend’s mom for the “in”. Hey, it’s not just show business that requires you know people. Through similar lucky breaks and a few not-so-lucky breaks that turned out to be for the best, I ended up at my current company where I discovered an interest I would never have thought of when I was 25 let alone 18.


In my year-end review this past year, my boss asked if I’d thought about going back to school to get a degree. And I replied, “Why, yes I have actually! My husband and I have been casually discussing it for a few months now.” We talked about the company’s tuition reimbursement plan (none corporate-wise; possibly at branch discretion.) and I started researching what type of training I would need to do what I want. Then my dear Jessie-poo came up and told me that HER branch would pay for some classes for her and I should totally talk to MY boss about it. That’s when I started researching for realz. Then my boss was out of the office for a few days and I lost what little guts I had to ask her. (Confrontation! Sort of! At least the possibility of confrontation! Worst she can say is no and I won’t get yelled at even a little? STILL! SCARED!) I kept researching anyway and found something that is pretty much perfect and then talked myself into doing it: “You can’t keep putting this off.” “If you don’t do it now, putting it off for 4 more years isn’t going to make it any easier.” “If you wait four years to start, it’ll just push out your certification that much further.” “Just fucking do it already!”


And so it happened that last night I filled out a FAFSA application and an enrollment application. I’m going for an Internet Programming Certificate at the local community college. I’m going to sign up for a class in the fall to get started. The nice part is the entire certificate is available through online courses so I can do it at home after the kids are in bed. As much as I would like to get a full Computer Science degree, it’s over twice as much money as a certificate. Besides the certificate covers all the technical classes I need. The degree adds in all those extra college courses that I would like to take, but have nothing to do with the degree itself (history, writing, etc.). Maybe I can pursue a full degree at a later time.


Look at all that fancy programming language!

·         Beginning Web Page Programming

·         Programming for Internet

·         Beginning Microsoft SQL Server

·         Programming in VB .NET

·         Programming in C/C++

·         Introduction to Programming in Java

·         Programming in C# for .NET

·         Web Programming in ASP.NET


Unfortunately, due to time and money I will probably only be able to take one class at a time but one class is more than I’m taking now.


Any advice from those who’ve gone back to school or who have taken on-line courses? Do I need to get a college sweater?


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