We got a dog in November

1. We got a dog in November

There are a few things I’ve learned about myself over the past year. I’ll cover some of them in the next few posts but the one I’d like to cover here involves my impetuousness. This wasn’t so much of a discovery on my part as more of an affirmation of what I’ve already known. Or something. Let me explain.

I get ideas. BIG ideas! “Oh, man, it would be awesome if we did [this]!” “I’m totally going to do [this]!” Then I dive in, researching and planning. Making lists, scouring the internet, asking those who have done [this] before.

Example: When I was 22-23 I decided I was going to buy a house and open a home daycare. Oh the fun stuff I found! If you’re ever in the market to open a preschool, make sure you have a lot of money because you will want everything. I planned and planned and looked into home business laws and such. Then I remembered, “Ugh…the parents. I will have to deal with the parents. I have no backbone; I can’t actually demand people to pay me. Or tell them their kid is being a jerk. And the whole “no experience working in a daycare/preschool setting” might make it hard to develop a client following.” Weeks of research scrapped. So I quit my call center job and got a job loading baggage onto airplanes (impetuousness FAIL).

That’s generally how it goes: Big idea! Excitement! Research! Talk talk talk about Big Idea! Stupid reality and/or loss of interest. Boo.

Other examples: Owning a goat; owning chickens; starting several home businesses: cake decorating, party planning, blogging (ahem); trips upon trips; sustainable gardening; composting; novel writing, etc. etc. etc.

Things NOT stemming from my impetuous nature: husband choosing, child having, pet buying. Basically, if it involves a living thing I want to make damn well sure it’s something I’m fully committed to. (there was a slight hiccup involving fish this past month but in my defense, FISH were never my idea.) (Until it came time to buy more last weekend. But I’m committed now so welcome Meryx, Miriam, Meryn, Zig and Zag to our happy menagerie!)

I’m going somewhere with this, ok, trust me.

Matt and I never considered ourselves “Dog People”. We loved dogs, thought they were great. For other people. I’d had a few growing up but never really felt a bond with any of them and Matt had never had one. For whatever reason when I was pregnant we almost bought a boxer puppy. Then we came to our senses and realized we were about to have a second child. What the hell were we thinking adopting a PUPPY at this point in our lives?

We still talked about it every now and then. Started discussing what kind of dog we’d want (not a tiny dog, not a big dog, a female, not a male, non-shedding because of Jonas’ allergies) and decided some day many many years from now we’d get a border terrier. I started browsing pet finder for Border Terriers and studying puppy training articles because I’d hit the “excitement and researching” phase.  Over this past summer we would tell people that some day many many years from now, after Jonas was potty trained and I was feeling some “I want a baby” feelings, we would revisit getting a puppy. (Not that we think a puppy is a replacement for a baby, no. We just know that as of right now, TWO kids is the number for us. If the spirits and the saints and nature want us to have a third one, well, whatever. It made sense to us. Shut up.)

I did not stop looking at pet finder. I was addicted. I saw a bunch that were cute but nothing that really jumped out at me until early November when I saw a 12 week old black miniature schnauzer at one of the local humane societies. My co-workers FORCED me to take a long lunch, kidnap Matt and get thee hence to the humane society post-haste and nab her! We were a little anxious and wondering if we really should adopt her and tentatively thinking about names and making calls to my mom to borrow the adoption fee  (used dogs are expensive!) and saying over and over, “We’re just going to see if she’s even there anymore.” We got there 10 minutes after the humane society opened and went straight to where the dogs were. Didn’t see her. We went and stood in line at the front desk to inquire about her when I saw her. At the front of the line. Being adopted at that very moment by some young twenty something, fresh out of college-looking, cute little brunette.

People, this was a turning point. The ride back to work was much more subdued. Matt said, “Wow, I gotta admit: I’m a little disappointed.” “Yeah,” I said, “Me, too.” When we saw that tiny little black puppy and saw how close we came to calling her OUR little black puppy, there were no near panic attacks like when we almost adopted that boxer a few years back. We knew we were ready. We knew we weren’t going to stop until we got a puppy of our own. And like that, “many many years from now” turned into “This weekend!” (Impetuousness for the win!)

Back to petfinder!

The next day, it was a Thursday, I believe, I found a cute scruffy little puppy who was 5 months old. She had some mini-schnauzer and something else in her. I filled out the little form and the lady wrote me right back and YELLED at me, in email form, for filling out the form even though they said they wanted an adult home during the day for the dog. Never mind that we have a huge fenced yard. Never mind that we’ve rescued animals in the past. Never mind that this dog probably couldn’t find a more animal-loving home. They wanted an adult with a full-time job AND who was home during the day.

The fuck ever, lady. Who needs you?

Not us. Because we found another one. Matt found her and THAT place was just a few miles from our house and SHE didn’t yell at me for not being a stay at home mother. Unfortunately that little dog was already spoken for but she suggested another one that she felt would be a good fit based on our form (two small children, want an older puppy, non-shedding). She was labeled as a Yorkie/Cairn Terrier mix named “Tara” and I’ll admit, her picture looked pretty pathetic but I told her we would like to meet her. Maybe because she looked so darn pathetic and I’m a sucker for a scruffy mutt. Let’s see, that was a couple of days after the lost mini-schnauzer. Two or three days. It was a Saturday morning, at any rate. The lady said that “Tara” would be coming in that evening from a HIGH KILL SHELTER in Missouri (GASP!) and they were looking for a foster home for her. She said it would be a great way to see if she was a fit without making a commitment right away. First, however,  we needed a home visit to make sure we weren’t living in a garbage house and had a fenced in yard.

That morning, I sent Matt out (in the first major snow storm of the season. It was bad. At one point they pulled the snow plows off the road. Yeah.) to the local Petsmarts that were having adoption days to see if they had any mini-schnauzers because I still had we still had our hearts set on one. Best Wife Ever, I know. Well, he saw a few pups but he just didn’t feel they were The One. In short: he risked his life for nothing. What a champ!

Now, Jaden and Jonas had no idea their mommy and daddy were plotting to get a puppy. We just told them that we needed to clean the house (and keep it clean, dammit!) because a special visitor was coming. Jaden LOVES special visitors and it was killing her not to know who it was. When the lady called and said she was on her way, we thought it would be a good idea to fill Jaden in on what was going on.

“Hey, J, come here.”

“What, mama?”

“So, y’know how we’ve been saying a special visitor is coming? Well, mommy and daddy thought it would be nice to get a puppy. What do you think?”

“A pug puppy??!”

“Well, no, not a pug puppy.”


“She’s really cute, though!”


“Don’t you want a puppy?”


“Well, kid, this wasn’t exactly the reaction I was expecting.”

The lady came and said everything looked fine. She gave us some tips about introducing the dog to the home (get the kids in bed so they don’t panic the dog, put the cats downstairs, don’t make any loud excited noises or gestures (see: get the kids in bed).) and Matt followed her to the animal rescue while I got the kids to bed.

Trying to keep myself occupied and from pacing around the house, I researched potty training some more to see if there were any breakthroughs since I last checked that afternoon. Matt called awhile later and was gushing. “Oh, Marcoda, she is so sweet! She keeps licking my face and she’s curled up in my lap right now and everyone at the shelter kept going on and on about what a sweet cute girl she is.”

That’s when I knew there would be no fostering. Matt was not going to give this one up unless she tried to eat the cats or the kids.

 So far, though Meena doesn’t like her, our little Daisy has yet to try to eat anyone.

She did eat the floor but that’s a story for another time.

Safe and Sound


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  1. You should totally have another baby!

    Oh wait, what? Right. Daisy is such a cutie! Impetuousness for the win, indeed!

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