Lack of Memory

Read a few of my past posts on this little blog and realized my memory is worse than I thought. Also realized that, damn, I NEED this blog regardless of who reads it because, dude, seriously. My memory Suuuuuucks.

Let’s bring this thing up to speed. Here’s the bullet point list. I’ll make it my goal to write a full post for each of them soon. Swear! SOON!

1. We got a dog in November:

Sleeping in her new bed on Jaden's booster seat.


2. Dog ate our floor



3. I got a haircut


4. Jaden got her yellow belt

Yellow suits her

5. Jaden lost her first tooth.

6. Jonas gave up the binky.

Subject much larger and older than he appears

7. We’re redoing the flooring in our house, getting a new car, and getting a few other much needed things.

8. Like a new water heater.

9. My godson got cuter

and bigger!

10. so did my kids


2 Responses

  1. I want to eat Jonas up!!! and i cant believe that Jaden has lost a tooth already…Tyson still has all of his.

  2. […] 1. We got a dog in November […]

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