Goat Cheese and Honey Appetizer

Last August my husband and I went to Amsterdam and Germany for our anniversary. We rented an adorable little flat in Amsterdam in the Di Pijp neighborhood. We thought we would save a few euros by cooking our own meals from time to time. Our first evening we went out to dinner but the second night we went to the corner grocery store and bought stuff for dinner at the flat. This was the first and last time we went shopping without the Dutch phrase book. I won’t go into details but I will say it took us 10 minutes of examining the vegetable spread and butter case to figure out which one was the Butter. The easiest thing to figure out was the goat cheese. Ok, the crackers were the easiest. I decided to make an appetizer.

This is so easy that I’m not going to make you a printable version. This could be an appetizer, a dessert or a snack while playing Sims and watching Futurama. For example.

1. I wanted to use chopped walnuts but I couldn’t find any. I swear it wasn’t the language barrier, I know walnuts when I see them. Instead of walnuts, I found some mixed nuts and raisins. This actually was a nice variation. Just grab a handful and chop them up a bit.

2. Goat cheese packaging seems to be universal. At least between the US and Holland. Slice the cheese into 1/2 inch pieces right in the package. You could take the whole thing out, I suppose, but this is less messy.

3. Arrange two pieces onto a small plate. (Note the goat cheese packaging. I don’t know why but I think it’s adorable.)

4. There was honey in the cupboard which is where I got the idea in the first place. Drizzle a bit over the goat cheese. Honey is yummy.

5. Sprinkle the chopped nuts and raisins over the whole thing.

That’s it!

Add a little wine and crackers and you’re set!

Windmills Optional



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