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11 Days

People people people.


My husband and I are taking our first trip together EVER in ELEVEN DAYS!!

We’ve both gone through some worry over the kids (maybe one of us maybe a little more than the other. maybe.) but right now, as of this morning, we’re both REALLY ready for this vacation.

Love our kids, really, but GOD. Mornings. GOD. Dinners. Ugh.

It’s just frustrating knowing that we’ve only got a few days left with them before we leave for 2.5 weeks and that time will be spent lecturing, counting to 5, putting them on time-out, yelling, asking approximately 12,347 times to TAKE ONE BITE OH MY GOD.

I woke up Jaden this morning (who’d been sent to bed early last night for talking back and not eating her dinner) and told her we’d really like to enjoy this time with her and not spend it fighting. “I’m not going to see you for a long time, y’know.”

“That’s ok, mommy,” she reassured me, “We’ll talk a lot on the computer.”

“Well, yes, I know, but still, the In-Person Time would be better spent having fun and not fighting, right?”

And then the morning progressed and ended with me saying to Matt, “Eleven Days, honey, Eleven Days.” and him wearily responding, “That long?”

I’m going to go ahead and say that perhaps all of this stress and stuff is a good thing. It will build up my defenses for all the weeping that will happen when my mom drops us off at the airport and I kiss my babies good bye.

And then run to the airport bar for a whiskey on ice.

This is not the direction I meant for this post to go. Surprisingly enough, I get kind of tired griping about my kids. I was going to talk about all the prep work we’ve done and how ready we are. Let’s add “Build Up Defenses by Arguing with Kids for Two Weeks Prior to Trip” to the list.


Let’s see what else? We got our laptop bag yesterday, got our walking shoes the weekend before, got my iPod Touch (SQUEEE! Matt bought her for me and I love her. Her name is Franzel and I’m totally addicted to two games called “Cooking Dash” and “Farm Story” that I downloaded.), got some legal paperwork filled out and getting it notarized on Friday, got my check-up done (Perfect health, that’s me!), got my contacts, got my hair cut, got Matt’s hat, found some more cool places to check out, got me on the mend, completed our itinerary for the parents, researched currency exchange then panicked and decided to just use the ATMs there, got a new camera, a new external hard drive. I’m sure there’s a bunch of other little stuff too that we got done.

What’s left?

Buy a giant bag of cat food, fill up the gas can for the mower, write up instructions for the house sitter, transer some DVDs onto the lap top and ipods, download some audio books, record bedtime stories for the kids, write letters for the kids. Huh, I think that’s it.

Wow. That’s not a lot.

We’re really doing this thing in eleven days and, more importantly, are as prepared as we can be. I’m feeling pretty good about this.

OH! One more thing for the list: find out exactly how much more expensive airport bars are than regular bars. Seriously: Whiskey. On ice.

One Response

  1. seriously…SUPER EXPENSIVE…whoever is dropping you off at the airport just bring a flask and down it before walking into the airport! EEKS…i am so excited for you guys, i have decided that 3 years is my deadline to make it to Italy! You’ll miss your kiddos like crazy even while you’re there…but you are going to have so much fun.

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