Chik’n Bowl

If you don’t like Thanksgiving-type food all mixed together, you’re probably not going to like this one.


If you, like my husband, like to mix your corn and mashed potatoes together, keep reading.


If you, also like my husband, like those KFC Bowl things but, like me, KFC gives your digestive tract a not nice time, keep reading.

I made this up a couple weeks ago. It was the day before pay day so our rations were getting pretty slim. Scouring the cupboards and freezer, I starting thinking aloud, “Let’s see…we’ve got rice, barley, mashed potatoes…corn and (quick count) 10 chik’n nuggets. We could do mashed potatoes and corn, the kids could have the chik’n nuggets…OH!! What if I mixed it all up like those KFC bowl things that you like?” Matt’s face lit up and I got to work.

15 minutes later, the family was eating. 10 minutes after that I was sad there wasn’t enough left-over for me to have seconds.

This is soooooo easy that I’m not even going to do a step-by-step for you. It does call for all sorts of convenience foods like instant mashed potatoes and frozen corn but that’s the point of this recipe: Quick, easy, and tasty! If you have a bunch of homemade mashed potatoes in your fridge or freezer and fresh corn from your garden, by all means use them, just don’t go through a lot of trouble making a bunch of stuff from scratch. If you’ve got some gravy left over from some other meal, throw that in there, too. Go with your heart.

One last thing about this one: be sure to eat it right away, unless you don’t mind mushy chik’n nuggets. I do mind mushy chik’n nuggets so I scarf that sucker down.

Recipe: Chik’n Bowl Print Version

On a sort of related note: here’s the harvest Matt brought in from our (his) backyard garden:

Clockwise from Top Left: Zucchini, tomatoes, baby onions, green beans, peas, more zucchini

Not shown: Chives. You better believe those went into the potatoes.


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