A list of grievances

I didn’t get to bed until  past mid-night last night and then Jonas was up at 4:45. After struggling with him for an hour, I gave up, got dressed and went to work. I forgot to listen to my Learn German podcast on the way into work and instead listened to the radio. This action did not improve my mood.


Listening to the Bill Press Show this morning, which I normally enjoy and can agree with 75% of the time, I heard that the Supreme Court will be looking at violent video games. Basically, the California Supreme Court banned the sale of violent video games to minors, video game makers appealed it, and now the state is bringing it to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Press opened the phone lines to get people’s take on this: Is there a link between these games and kids acting violent?

This debate has been going on for 30 years and everyone has an opinion. Mine? Yes, violent games are not appropriate for kids. They should not be banned. Parents need to be the ones in charge and the ones who say what their kids can be exposed to.

I heard people calling in with all kinds of stories of their kid doing such and such after playing a game. One story: A guy’s brother bought his kid a wrestling video game just last night and they all ended up in the ER because the kid tried to pin his little brother’s arm behind his back like he saw in the game. The game was thrown away as they were heading out the door to the ER.  How old were the kids? 8 and5.

Then there was a doctor who sees the aftermath of video game mimicry weekly in the ER. When asked if his kid play these games, he says yes. When further asked why, if he sees this stuff every week, does he let his kid play them, he said he tries to ban them from the house but his wife keeps using them as a bribe.

Bill Press said roughly this (I’m paraphrasing because I heard it in the car): “Yes, parents need to be involved but instead they use these video games to plop their kids in front of so they can go do what they want to do, like read a book or something.”

Oh yes, he did say that.

I won’t try to defend the parents who do that, ok? That’s not what I’m pissed about. I’m pissed that the assumption is that while we MAY put on a movie or a video game it is, generally, NOT to go “read a book” or “do whatever [we] want to do”. No, it is generally because the house is falling down around our ears and the pile of dishes is attracting wild life and we need 1 god damn hour to shoo out the wild life and maybe throw a load of laundry in the washer. What that video game or movie is should be up to the parent. If a parent chooses to buy their kid God of War II and then wonders why they’re swinging a foam bat at their little brother… well, let them figure that out.

Kids act out. It’s true. It happens, ok? It is up to us, as the parents, to find the right venue for that acting out. Video games in the winter is an easy choice. If a video game is chosen, then it is our responsibility to select an age appropriate game. Jaden loves her little computer games. They’re age appropriate, they get her to use different parts of her brain and it gives me an hour to pick up all the damage her free play left in its wake.

UFC Wrestling, in my opinion, is not appropriate for anyone. I don’t care how old they are.


I’m so sick of this shit. Here’s all I’ll say about it: If you don’t like the bill as it’s written, don’t block a debate on the bill, you fuck nuts.


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