Of Second Languages and Growing Boys and Celebrating Earth Day: Bingmar Style

In preparation for our Big European Honeymoon/3rd Wedding Anniversary Trip, I’ve decided to learn a little German. I won’t be fluent and I know they speak English over there but I just think it would be rude of me to not at least try to learn enough  basic transactional/touristy German to get by. Matt does not share this philosophy: “Oh, by the way,” I said the other morning when I dropped him off, “You’re in charge of learning Dutch.” “Why?” He asked. “Because I’m learning German, so you’re learning Dutch for Amsterdam,” I answered filled with “This is a Great Plan” feelings. “They speak English in Amsterdam. Everyone does.” He said in a tired voice. “But shouldn’t we at least try?” I asked. “No, everyone speaks English.”

I’m going to let him do all the talking in Amsterdam while I pretend to be his cute Welsh speaking mistress so I don’t get embarrassed.

Three days into my German as a Second Language At Least for Tourism Purposes learning via the “Learn German for Free with German-Podcast.de” I found on itunes, I was able to string together my first sentence all on my own. It was yesterday morning, Earth Day, and we were I was driving and listening to the podcast and repeating and answering the questions Stephan, the instructor,  posed when Dude in front of me TOSSED A SODA BOTTLE OUT OF HIS CAR WINDOW! ON EARTH DAY!! I was so shocked! And so pissed that I pointed at the car and yelled, “DAS IST EINE DOUCHE!” and then smiled proudly at my rapid grasp of the German language.

Other important words I’ve learned:

Beer = Bier

Wine= Wein

Coffee = kaffee

Luggage = gepäck

I’ll admit, the first three I learned on my own through Google Translate but I’m sure they’ll be covered in future podcast lessons. Call me an overachiever.


My mom and step-dad took the kids to the zoo that Thursday where I was told, “Jonas was so quiet and Jaden listened to well.” And I responded with, “ Are you sure you took my kids?” They got two little bush seedlings that we’re going to plant somewhere in our yard so thank you, Minnesota Zoo, you kinda rock the Earth Day thing. Now go beat up eine douche.


Matt and I decided to take the side off Jonas’ crib to prepare him for the Big Boy Bed he’ll be getting eventually. We did this with Jaden around this age, too, and it really helped ease her into the Big Bed without having to fork over an extra $80 for a toddler bed.  I’ve been hesitant for reasons that, I thought, revolved around Jonas’ inability to sleep in one position or without a limb sticking out of his crib and also his total and impressive ability to get into trouble. Yes, ok, the crib serves the duel purpose of bed and containment unit. (heh, unit.) Then last Thursday on the way home I really thought about it and started to wonder if my hesitation was more around “MY BABY!! He can’t be old enough to transition to a Big Bed! He just can’t be!” And then I got scared because I swore I wouldn’t be That Mom and it’s not like we’ve got 4 kids and this is My Last Baby…except he (according to our vast forward looking skills and the Mighty IUD) IS My Last Baby. But, I’ve already let him keep his binky roughly 5 months longer than I’d planned (oh, yeah, he still has a mad “Withdrawal Complete With the Shakes” addiction to that bastard pacifier.) so I cut the cord and let Matt take the fourth wall off the crib. Jaden helped by pretending to paint the crib pink and orange.

Jonas celebrated the loss of the wall by jumping up and down like a maniac on his “new” bed which caused me to suggest that maybe Matt take the wheels off the crib’s legs. Doing this not only caused the crib to stay stationary (Oh man! I just thought about the first time Jonas tries to pull the crib away from the wall in search of a stashed binky that fell behind the crib and it doesn’t move…Oh the tantrum will be epic and I will have to have some popcorn ready. Seriously, he throws the Best tantrums. Lots of rapid stomping of baby feet then running until he falls and then lying on the ground screaming while I stand back and laugh make sure he doesn’t hurt his fragile body.) but also lowered the bed just enough so that he can climb into the bed by himself.

Fully in pajamas and ready for bed, he was offered comfort by his sister: “I can help him fall asleep!” I thanked her but told her I was going to read him a story and then he would go to sleep…






Small problem.






He left his blanket at my mom’s house.

Of all the nights to forget a lovey (I really hate that word but it gets the severity of this situation across), WHY the night where there is a giant bedtime transition going on? We tried putting him to bed without it but then the door knob started jiggling and the cries were heard and first I went in then Matt went in and rocked him while I drove to my mom’s to get the dang blanket. 

I just realized…I so am That Mom because he is so My Baby. No, that’s not it. Jaden never had a lovey…oh wait, yes she did: Our Bed. If driving 15 minutes both ways to my mom’s house saves us from adding a fourth body—sixth if you include the cats—to our bed then I’m driving to my mom’s house to get the dang blanket.

(Aside: While at my mom’s I asked her if we could borrow her camera for our trip to Europe. She laughed! But didn’t say no….)

Anyway, we got the blanket to Jonas and he was out in 30 seconds and only woke up twice. He’s slept in his “big bed” four nights now and he’s only fallen out a handful of times. No worries, we put a body pillow there with a quilt over it so he’s more suprised than hurt by his falls. Last night I checked on him before I went to bed and he was lying perpendicular to the wall, his head nearly off the mattress and I felt vindicated in my hesitation to take the side of the crib. I gently put him back in a less-prone-to-falling-off-the-bed position and then watched him sleep for  a few seconds.

Following is the obligatory “How did my baby get so big?” mini-montage minus a pic of him in his bed because I forgot to take them off the camera this weekend.

You get the point though:

April 2009

April 2010
April 2010

How did my baby get so big???



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