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Slowly but surely

We’ve been in our house nearly 2 years (end of March will be 2 years) and it’s still in the “development” stages. Things keep popping up that need our immediate attention (this, this and this to name a few) and so the fun decorating stuff continues to be pushed back.

However. I got my bonus last week. And my mom gave us a really cool end table thing awhile ago. And today Matt picked up a lamp. And hooks for the curtain rod for the curtains my mom gave me along with the cool end table thing. And so, two small things may be crossed off our list:

(Pretty good representation of my library: Comics, classics, and fantasy. *coughnerd*)

Pretty good representation of my full library: Comics, classics, and fantasy. *coughnerd*

Classy Curtains for a Classy Family *coughposer*

At some point we’ll get new bedding, new blinds, and side-hooks to finish the curtains.

Some day.

2 Responses

  1. Going to your Blog right now. Thanks for this data. Pleased to meet you.

  2. Have you given up on your blog?

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