Of puppies, space doctors and re-discoveries

I have written at great length of the many MANY stuffed animals that have taken over our home. They are currently residing in a toy box in the basement play area, another toy bin in the upstairs family room, a giant bin in Jaden’s bedroom, on her bed, in her brother’s bed, in our bedroom and scattered throughout the house.

I thought we’d gotten things under control until, in the effort to remain completely honest because one of you may break into my house in order to fact check my story, I really thought about it and wrote out the above list.

Wow. I need to change direction in this post. No, I don’t. It’s fine. I can still say what I was going to say because the majority of the stuffed animals are hidden away in toy bins so my point remains:

If you hide all of your kids’ toys, they will “discover” a long-lost friend every couple of weeks and become attached to that friend and that friend alone will make every thing better.

Jaden’s current Best Friend is a little stuffed puppy in a space suit that her grandpa got her through some Disney Rewards thing. It’s the pink one on the right. Her name is “Rosebud” and presumably she’s from the Air Buddies franchise which I refuse to watch or own because, well, if you’d seen a preview for any of them, you wouldn’t have to ask me why not. Jaden loves her and will always love her. Until she discovers another toy in the basement. This week she has carried Rosebud with her around the house, to gramma’s and into bed. She’s fashioned a little kennel for her out of an old bottle nipple dishwasher cage thing and took the leash off her teddy bear backpack/toddler harness to use on Rosebud.

This morning Matt took Rosebud away after Jaden refused to put her ever-loving shirt on. Immediate emotional break down and cries of “ROSEBUD! ROSEBUD!” filled the house.

I’ve never seen Citizen Kane but the joke was not lost on me.


Matt and I sent off Jaden’s application for the New Math and Environmental Sciences Immersion school (or whatever the hell it’s called) a couple weeks ago. It’s one of those public magnet school things. We decided on this school because forming a good math and science foundation is so important to an education, particularly for girls (studies show that interest in math and science falls dramatically in girls around the age of 12. Or so I read somewhere a while ago.). Even more particularly for a girl who tells her parents: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a space doctor!” and “When I grow up, I’m going to be an astronaut!” and “When I grow up, I’m going to be an astronaut, a doctor and…….um….a grown up!”  To which said parents reply, “Better work hard in school and get that scholarship, kid.” Oh, just kidding. We certainly thought that but stopped talking after, “Well, you know, you have to work really hard in school, especially in math and science.”  and then high-fived each other for getting that application mailed in time.

At some point we’ll kick each other for encouraging this when she decides, at age 22, to join the circus instead. For now: SPACE DOCTOR!


My awesome, wonderful, brilliant and gorgeous cousin is going to have a baby ANY DAY NOW and back in November I co-hosted a baby shower with her mom. Some aunt or person on her husband’s side gave her a big box of books with the instructions “Take what you want and do whatever with the rest.” She gave us the rest. WHOO! BOOKS! Books are much like stuffed animals: when you have roughly 100 kids books, they get scattered all over the house and kids forget and re-discover them all the time. Jaden’s current “discovery” is Eric Carle’s The Secret Birthday Message. Like all of his books, this one is uniquely constructed with pages cut out into shapes. It reads like a scavenger hunt of shapes. And it’s SHORT! Which makes for a great bedtime story. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reading to her but the longer the story, the less time for cuddles and reviews of the day (She’s started asking me how my day was and what I did, much like I ask her. It’s awesome.). And less time for mommy’s Rock Band. Ahem. ANYWAY, last night after we read the book, she sent me on a quest to find different shapes in her room:

“Look to my dresser. Find the rectangle. Open it and find the clue. Bring me the clue and I will tell you the next one.”

I went to her dresser, opened the top drawer to put her medicine away and pulled out an imaginary slip of paper. I brought it back to Jaden, who was tucked under the covers, and held it in front of her to read:

“Now, look for the circle, open and bright. Kiss and hug the circle.”

I looked at her closely and said, “Is…it……your…FACE?” She smiled and nodded, her eyes most definitely open and bright. I kissed her cheek and hugged her tight.

Re-discoveries are the best.


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