Body Image

I worked out 9 days ago on the wii fit plus.

The body test said I needed to GAIN 22 pounds to reach a healthy BMI.


20 pounds of muscle on this frame:


Then I got a cold. Kept eating because, dude, yay food, right?

Today, I worked out again. Took the body test again.

I lost 3.1 pounds.

You can see why I laughed so very hard when I was first told to gain 22 pounds in order to be “healthy”. I don’t gain weight, ok. Please don’t hate me. It’s who I am. The only way I’m going to gain 22 pounds is by getting knocked up again.







So, I got all “GOD! It’s like high school all over again! I’ll never gain any weight and everyone will think I’m anorexic! WAH!”

Then I wrote a big whiny post.

Then I deleted it because ya’ll don’t want to read that. (Speaking of “high school all over again.” There’s a reason no one reads blogs written by 15 year olds. Christ.)

Keeping this short:

I’m thin.

It’s who I am.

I got body image issues, too.

We all do.

So let’s all just accept everyone and stop pointing out the little thin girl whenever talking about healthy because just cuz she’s thin doesn’t mean she can walk up the stairs without panting.

Or that she doesn’t NOT want to have non-stick arms and legs.

Wait, what?

Stop looking at me!


One Response

  1. I think you look great the way you are and you are the way you were meant to be!
    You naturally have a petite frame and are oh so lucky you can eat what you want. Anyways, its healthier to be a little on the thin side than a little on the heavy side–all sorts of studies have been done showing that mice on a healthy, but limited calorie diet live longer.
    And one more thing, according to those same BMIs Kevin is seriously overweight, which is clearly not true!

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