Again with the control thing. And the girl thing.


Control. People have no control over their kids. The values they want to teach them. The history they want to teach them. The food they want to feed them. Nothing.

Just inject them with diabetes and throw them in the factory now because that’s where they’ll end up.


I may need to take away the 20+ Veggie Tales videos my mom gave Jaden.

She was watching one the other and there was one about “perseverance” and I’ve always been on the side of, “well, if you ignore all the God stuff, they do teach good lessons” and perseverance is a good lesson. (Never mind that there was a cartoon about Sumo Wrestlers talking about God and Jesus. Historical Accuracy…look it up, Veggie Tales.) Then they talked about St. Patrick. And how in olden days there were people called “Pagans” who didn’t worship God. “They worshipped silly things like sticks.” And there was a little cartoon pagan holding up a twig. I was furious. I took the remote and skipped to the next chapter and Jaden asked me why I was changing it and all I could say was, “Because they’re telling you things I don’t think is right. So I’m skipping it.” Thankfully Jaden doesn’t ask a lot of “why” questions because I’m not ready to have a theology discussion with a 4 year old.

The other day Jaden was walking around with her eyes closed and I asked her what she was doing and she said, almost with shame, that she’d seen the St. Patrick cartoon I skipped and in it the boy was in church with his eyes closed. She had no idea why. Doesn’t know who this god person is but whenever I ask her what she learned at the end of an episode, her answer is,  “God loves us.”  I asked her, “And do you know who God is?”  and she says, “I dunno” with a shrug. She misses the details in the lessons I’ve used as an excuse to let her watch these things and she has no idea what they’re really talking about. So, it would seem, we can’t just ignore the “God stuff”. But she’s got all these videos now that she loves and in order to properly talk to her about all of the God stuff as a belief structure, I need to do a shit ton of research on other religions and explain to Jaden what “faith” is and prepare my answer to her, “What do you believe?” question and quite honestly, I don’t have one. I guess the first step is trying to figure out how to talk to a little girl about religion in terms she’ll understand and then just go from there. It’s not like she hasn’t had big talks in the past that I’ve blown all out of proportion. But, dude. Faith is a big deal. I want her to know that there are a lot of things out there to believe in and that many of us are still trying to figure it out. BUT, she’s four! She doesn’t need to have this figured out so maybe Veggie Tales can be the first step in her journey to figuring it all out?

However, I have another big issue with Veggie Tales and that is that it is VERY male-centric. I’m not trying to be a bleeding heart feminist or anything but I have to think, that in a world full of vegetables, there would be more than 2 girl bit-characters that I’ve seen twice. TWICE. Last night she watched one called “A Snoodles Tale” and the cover was all fairy looking and I was ready to get indignant about them stereotyping girls with a fairy story. BUT, no. All boys in that one too! So I found myself WISHING for the stereotypical girl fairy story because at least there would be some girl characters. I’m sick of pointing out “Where’s the girl character?” in every thing from Veggie Tales, to story books, to Disney (and PIXAR) movies to tv shows. I sound like a broken record but for goodness sakes, I want both of my kids to see equal representation of the sexes. Why is this so damn hard?

And this all lead to Matt and I talking about how we really don’t have the freedom to teach our kids what we want them to learn.

I want to hug my kids.


2 Responses

  1. 1) you and i NEED to talk, imagine how hard it is raising a daughter who has been drilled with religion her entire life…i get the evil eye from her if i dont pray with her at dinner! Fortunately, she has begun to understand that everyone believes different things and as long as we all believe in something and that something is “good” then it really doesn’t matter how much we pray, go to church, read the bible (or dont) and ect.
    2) you have to keep in mind veggie tales is written with more of a male gender cast because …well other than Mary, how often were the stories in the bible and scriptures invovling women? VERY RARE! I actually like Veggie Tales because its not as “Here shove this down your throat and believe” as some of the other childrens movies/shows that involve religious content.

    The great thing about amaya (and her being a full blown catholic right now) is that she still thinks its cool that she was delivered by a Pagan nurse and born under the Harvest moon 😉

  2. Great post sweetie. Of course you talk religion and I have to pipe in. I think throwing 3-9 year olds in sunday school is brainwashing. I love your train of thought of letting her know there’s a lot out there. I mean seriously, the stages kids go through, first they think everything we say must be true, then they think everything they are taught in a formal setting must be true (Christopher Columbus anyone?). You almost need to teach “how to think and challenge truth” along with teaching religion. I say at age 4, stick with a brief overview of lots of things and lots of ideas, and feel free to point out (or glaze over) when something (sticks? seriously?) feels very wrong to you.

    You’re already rocking it :). I wish everyone would be willing to teach their kids about more than 1 option, and wait for them to be better at comprehending ‘truth’ and religious impact globally.

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