We wish to lodge a complaint

Yesterday Minnesota was hit with our first giant mega winter storm. Matt and I spent 3 hours driving home. Today was bitter fricken cold with wind blowing and all around, “shoulda stayed home and got drunk” weather. Instead we went to work and then came home. Traffic was bad but as we left 20 minutes early we were able to get to the Dance Studio to retrieve the children in time. Matt and I were in high spirits the whole way home, singing Beatles songs and chattering about who knows what. It was good because we were moving. WHEE!!

Pick up at the studio was less crazy because there were two of us to get two kids ready. Spirits still high. WHEE!!

WHOOSH! to the grocery store where Matt bought cheese.

WHOOSH HOME! to pull to the mail box so Matt could get the mail without trudging through the snow.


There was no mail box.

It was laying in the yard.

Not just the mail box but the entire wooden post it rests on had been cut in two.

This is not the first time our poor little mail box has been vandalized. Only, I don’t think a baseball bat could’ve done this. I mean, holy crap, people. That’s a thick freaken post and it was laying in our yard. Perhaps a snow blower. KA-POW!! And y’know, Mr. Snow Plow Driver, a note would’ve been nice. Just stick it right in the mailbox. That you freaking knocked over.

Matt went to work trying to put it back together at least until we can call…who? The post office? The police? The City? Someone. While he dealt with that I got the kids fed and waited for him to come inside.

Did I mention it’s currently 2 degrees outside? That’s actual temp. The windchill is Negative Witch’s Tit.

He got it tied up with twine and such and came inside. Jaden took it upon herself to check the internet.

“Don’t worry, guys, I’ll go to the post office website.” She sat in front of a picture frame and pretended to type on the computer. “Ok, I got to their website and they said they came out and look at it tomorrow.”

I grinned at Matt who had to smile through his painfully cold lips.

I don’t know if I’m thrilled with Jaden’s pro-activeness or sad that we’ve had so many random issues that have necessitated us looking up a company’s website that Jaden understands the steps to correct the situation.

At any rate, we now have a wonderfully white trash twined mailbox. And Matt had to shovel out the area under the garage door so it would close.


We sure missed the fuck out of you.


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