Obligatory Kids in Costumes post

Halloween this year was fun in that we got to use the “Obey us or no begging for candy tomorrow/tonight, young lady!” threat several times on Jaden and better still, it worked!

Blossom and her daddy

Jonas got to participate in trick or treating, or at least he could walk a tiny bit to give his poor parents’ and god-mother’s aching backs a break.

Mmmmm corn syrupy granola!

Both my nephew and my daughter seemed “braver” this year. Or maybe less people brought out the “Dead People” decor. Either way, the kids had a ton of fun and only one or two “I don’t like that” moments.

Blossom and her mummy

And, in the true spirit of Halloween, we had the babies kiss each other:

Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer

All pics taken by the lovely Miss Jessie, except this one of her and her beau, Jason, that was taken by Matt but with her camera:

The Js

After all the trick or treating, The Js and The Ms went back to our house where we sorted candy, put the kids to bed, drank, played games and discovered Jaden had not only snuck a piece of candy but also squeezed (squoze?) an entire bottle of shampoo into the toilet. We decided to deal with that in the morning, which we did albeit a titch under the weather.

Because of the punishment we put in place, we have had more candy than she has these last few days. It’s for her health, really.


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