Back in the swing of things

Thank you, everyone who commented or sent me emails in response to my last post’s brain spew. It felt very good to get it all out of my head and to hear your words of encouragement.

I’m happy to say that things are looking much more “up”. I cleaned the kitchen today (one armed as I had a whiney 12 month old on my other arm) and went grocery shopping with the kids. Jaden used the restroom all by herself (after I popped in to make sure the stalls were free of suspicious looking characters) and Jonas showed me he can use a straw and has no problem trying to launch himself out of a shopping cart.

Tonight, Jessie is over for dinner, wine and old TV DVDs (Ab Fab, Gilmore Girls, Spaced, etc.) and I made this.

Fantastic! My changes: Upped it to 3 servings, using 1 cup cream instead of the “adjusted amount”. I couldn’t find softer pears so I sauteed the pear cubes with some eggplant I had in some 2 Tbl butter with a couple dashes of nutmeg. I followed the rest of the recipe as written (except the toasted walnut part because I’m afraid of my broiler so I just used raw chopped walnuts). Very very good and upping it to three servings made a TON! Next time I’ll just stick to the 2 serving recipe as given.

Make it! It’s yummy! You’ll have a bunch of left overs. So good!


2 Responses

  1. sounds delish!! i bet it would taste good with any substitution for the Pears (as i am not a fan of pears)…mmm zuchinni or broccoli or for the non veggies (me) chicken :P…but eggplant would be good too i am sure!

  2. so i made this KILLEr easy dinner last night for the kids who LOVED it…i of course used chicken but you could substitue with eggplant or something else. I seriously threw it together because that was all the food i had in my house LOL. boiled Farelle pasta and warmed oil in a skillet…added minced garlic (out of a jar i keep in my fridge) and diced tomatoes and cubed chicken. added thawed spinach and salt & chilli pepper (not a lot though :P) drained farelle and added to skillet…added @ 1/2 c. shredded parm DELISH! kids ate it all up and i had leftovers for today YUMMY

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