Set the Controls

It’s been a while since I’ve done a full-on brain spew. Click below to read the result (whee!)

Set the Controls


5 Responses

  1. any time you need help cleaning on the weekends chicka i am 100% available…all i do is clean and organize now…desperately need something else to do with my hands!

  2. and good luck hun…i wish i could say its gets easier…but honestly it doesnt. Especially when once your home your child is too busy to be with you…the “homework” has officially complicated our routine. It use to be we could do it thursday night and turn in friday…now its everyday and i need to sign off on it! then religion and piano …ugh…but you already do what i would suggest…make the most of your weekends BUT remember time for yourself because if you dont have that you WILL lose it completely! hang it there girl!!!

  3. haha and i am being selfish and thinking about going back to school…am i crazy?

  4. Ok, that’s it. This weekend I’m folding your laundry or cleaning your kitchen or, at least, making you a very stiff drink. Whatever I can do, I’m here, lady.

  5. I hear you, I hear you, I hear you…sigh. The only thing I have to say in addition to that is, you know what, I think this is “it”, I think this is being a parent of two kids, a parent who careb and feels and thinks, a parent who values the life of a family, a parent who loves their spouse…I really think this is “it” and we need to take lots of deep breaths, keep going, and know that one day we’ll wake up and the kids will be grown and the house will be clean and we might even be a little bored. That was the longest sentence ever, but I needed to say all of it, to you, now, because I think we both needed to hear it. Hugs.

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