I think “vignette” is the correct term for this layout

Jaden: played with her toys while Matt watched HP and the Sorceror’s Stone. Matt didn’t think she was paying attention but during the final scene she kept weaving in sentences from the movie into her play. She also cried out “DUMBLEDORE!” ala the Mysterious Ticking Noise.

Jonas: screams at me whenever I put the gate up as if to say, “Woman! There are places that need exploring on the other side of that gate!  Death Schmeath! Let me at those stairs!”

Jaden: has been making up little songs,operettas, if you will. Once it was a song about needing to listen to her mommy and daddy (I liked that one), another was about her mommy and daddy protecting her from the monsters in her closet, and last night it was a lullaby sung to her heffalump that was so sweet I had to stop myself from interrupting her and smothering her in a giant mom hug.

Jonas: is going to be tantrum kid, I just know it. Not just a tantrum kid, a stubborn tantrum kid. The other day I gave Jaden her “big kid” sippy cup as she was laying on the couch all sick. Jonas tried to take it from her so I gave him his Nubby. He threw it on the ground, stomped his little feet and screamed at the injustice. I walked away and he followed, throwing indignant exclamations all the way.

Jaden: laid out some ground rules when her cousin asked to see her pony: “Yes, you can play with it but remember: it is my pony. You can play with it now but when we get to the zoo, we have to leave it in the car. And when we get home I get to take into my house because it is my pony.”

Jonas: ran around the livingroom last night laughing his fool head off at some inside joke only he got while my sister and I sat on the couch watching and marveling at what was so damn funny.

Jaden: was very sad she couldn’t play tee ball last night because she was sick. She used her illness to her advantage and weaseled herself into my bed at 8:30 and watched Big Bang Theory with me for an hour before falling asleep with her fingers entwined in my hair.

Jonas:  calmed down when daddy held him at 12:45am while I got him a bottle and calmed down myself when I saw the two of them.

Jaden: woke with a smile this morning and explained, “Mommy! I didn’t have any bad dreams last night! The monsters sent the bad dreams to me but my dream catcher catched them!”

Jonas: said “dadada” when mommy told him too. Dadada beamed.

Marcoda: kissed her husband as he slept this morning.

Matt: asked his wife if she kissed him this morning or if he dreamt it.

Marcoda: Hopes the rest of the day is as good as this morning was.


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