OK, I was totally fine until now

A while back I went to the dentist and got a clean bill of health with the small exception of one wisdom tooth that my body is trying to push out.

One tooth. No biggie, right?

The extraction is tomorrow. I thought tomorrow was my cleaning but turns out my cleaning was scheduled for July 28th and, not getting a reminder call, I spaced it out. I was hoping that by the time I went in the third time for the extraction (which, by the way, just sounds evil) I’d be totally comfortable at the dentist and wouldn’t spend the entire time showing the dental assistant through very loud body language that I was NOT ok being there. (No, I cannot unclench my fists or stop my foot tapping. Bite down on 20 pieces of film? Oh I can do that. I can do that perfectly because biting down when I’m stressed is what I do best. See: reason I’m here in the first place (chipped tooth due to teeth grinding).)

(SHIT!! I think I’m getting that tooth fixed tomorrow, too!)

POINT: Tomorrow is the extraction not the cleaning. Also, the second time at the dentist, not the third.

FURTHER POINT: I was totally ok with this until I went and told people I was getting a wisdom tooth pulled. I got less horror stories preparing for labor than with this. Jess tried to warn me and was all shocked that I plan on coming to work afterward. While her words said, “Wow, I can’t believe they’re going to let you drive afterwards.” Her eyes said, “ARE YOU INSANE?? TAKE THE DRUGS AND GO HOME!”  Even after her eye scolding, I was still all, “Oh, it’s just one tooth and it’s partially out all on it’s own anyway. I’ll be fine.” I called the dentist’s office this weekend to ask if I needed a ride or if I’ll be ok to drive myself and even they said, “Oh yeah, you’ll be fine.” So, again, no worries.

Then husband piped in: “Make sure they give you some meds because you’re going to need them. I hear it’s really painful.”

Me: “I’ll be fine. It’s one tooth that’s already making its way out.”

Matt: “Yeah, but I’ve heard they cut the gums and dig—“

Me: “STOP!!!”

Matt: “I’m just saying.”

Me: “Will you stop talking about it? You’re freaking me out!”

That was yesterday. Then this morning, in an attempt to help me with my recovery, a certain best friend sent me this link.

As they become soaked, remove and replace them with a fresh gauze pad.”

 That would be “Soaked With BLOOD” in case you didn’t click the link or blocked out the obvious subject matter.

 And now I’m fully freaking out. Even though it’s just one tooth, maybe I should make them put me to sleep. Hell, they can clock me over the head with a damn mallet for all I care. I don’t want to see anything. Nothing. I hate seeing them do stuff. Not that I’ve ever seen them do stuff. BUT I was asleep during my knee bone removal thing and there’s a reason I haven’t had laser eye surgery yet.

There’s a correlation there even if I can’t explain it.

It’s tomorrow at 7am. Don’t think I’ll be making Eggplant Sandwiches for dinner after all. Also, I’m really glad I bought all those apples and pears this weekend. And “chik’n” nuggets. And fixings for veggie wraps. And all that other damn food I bought yesterday (I’m so not smart.). OOH! I just remembered I have frozen cauliflower soup in the freezer that I made during my frenzied cooking session yesterday. (I’m so smart!)

Plus side for Matt: he can make all the meat-centric meals he wants to this week.

Question for the 5 or so people that will read this: If you’ve had your wisdom teeth pulled, what did you eat afterwards?


4 Responses

  1. You’ll be fine. Fiiiiiine. Do I need to link to your two labor stories? This will be an incredibly short bit of nothing compared to that! I just think you should take the day off; no point in making yourself come to work and be uncomfortable (especially when a certain loud rodent is back) when you could be happily drugged and laying on the couch, watching How I Met Your Mother and eating soup! And playing Sims! Or sleeping!

  2. i have not yet…and i need all four and another extracted…YAY. But liz just had 3 pulled last thursday and was in the office on Friday…maybe give her a jingle?

  3. I had two pulled in January. The process itself was OK. I was awake too. However I would not recommend going to work. The gauze I needed in for about an hour. The first night I had to sleep sitting up and I hated not being able to drink out of a straw till the risk of dry socket was gone. Take the med’s when they tell you, trust me, and have ice packs ready. Within 2 days I was fine. I did not thake the vicodin they gave me just motrin for the swelling and pain. As for what I ate. KFC mashed potatoes, Wendy’s Chili and frosty’s, Apple sauce, pudding, though if its one tooth you can use your teeth on the other side to chew though I was so swollen the first day or two I could barely get my mouth open enough to chew much. I did french fries too. stay away from rice, chips. Things that can get stuck in the extraction site. Smoothies but nothing with seeds in it. I lost like 10 pounds in the 2 weeks I stuck to the diet, but I was more careful then I think I had to be for longer then I had to be but I was freaked out about getting dry socket due to horror stories. Just ask your dentist and make sure they give you instructions. swish with salt water too after you eat. Sorry, did not mean to turn this into a huge long thing.

  4. Yeah, you were around 10 when I had mine pulled so I don’t know how much about it you would remember. I’ll refresh your memory after you’re done with your ordeal. I didn’t mean “ordeal”… I meant…something quite harmless I’m sure…

    love ya,
    ~ Mumbly

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