Growth. Always.

After an insane day of cleaning and party-throwing yesterday, we decided on a smaller degree of insane post-party cleaning today. I washed the dishes and got the kitchen, if not clean, than at least not “What the hell kind of First Birthday After Party did you have last night?”

After the kitchen was back to normal, the kids and I went through the mountain of toys that accumulated in the corner of our living room. I filled a laundry basket to the top with toys and there was still a good sized hill of toys. At least now they fit in the bins instead of spilling out all over the rest of the living room. I stared at the piles of “Keeping” “Tossing” and “Bringing Downstairs” and wondered where they all came from. Matt and I rarely buy toys for the kids. If we have extra money to spend, it’s on clothes or fancy foods like “dates” and “apricots”. I have no answer to my “who keeps giving my kids loads of plastic?”query.

Jonas was in heaven looking at all the toys that had until this morning remained buried under other toys and was running (yes RUNNING) around the living room exploring and testing out his new loot. He mastered walking less than a week ago and now he’s working on running. He just can’t get to places fast enough it would seem. I shudder to think what Four Year Old Jonas will be like.

Once the toys were shunted down stairs, Matt shampooed the carpet. I would like to make it perfectly clear that it was my full intent to clean the carpet myself while Matt took the kids outside for frolicking and fun times. Matt insisted he clean the carpet and revealed a much nerdier side to him than I’ve seen: “I’m really excited to do this.” How could I take that away from him?

I hung out downstairs with the kids watching Powerpuff Girl videos and playing with Jonas’ new toys before heading up to our room and taking a nap with both kids.

Fast forward through the nap(s. Matt had one after I got up with the kids so don’t feel too sorry for him.) and lame lame lame  dinners that I don’t want to confess, to after Jaden had her teeth brushed and went out to the garage to say good night to daddy.

She got distracted by being a super hero helping pick up the soccer ball in the yard and then by her little riding jeep thing.

“Does that say ‘Jaden’?” She asked, eyeing the yellow “J” on the side of the vehicle.

“Nope, but it does start with ‘J’ like Jaden,” Matt answered.

“What does it say?” she asked.

“Well, what are the other letters?” I asked back.

“J-e-e—um. What is that letter?”

“What does it look like?” Matt asked.


“No, but close,” I said.


“No, but it’s the letter before Q,” Matt said.


“Yeah!” Matt and I both said surprised and very proud that she’d figured out the little riddle.

“Jeep,” she said very matter-of-fact-like.

Matt and I looked at each other. “That’s right!”  “Very good!”

“Where did you learn that?” I asked, “Did someone tell you that?”

“Or did you just see the letters?” Matt asked.

“I just saw the letters,” She said. “J-e-e-p.”

“Jaden,” Matt said, “Do you know what you just did?”


“You read!” We both cried out.

“I’m very proud of you, Jaden,” Matt said.

Jaden turned to me, “Are you proud of me, too, mommy?”

“Of course! I’m very proud of you!”

Being the over-zealous parents we are, we tried to get her to try reading her flash cards she got from school but she wasn’t interested. She found her counting cards instead, and we practiced adding instead of reading a bedtime story.

So at the end of our busy partying/cleaning weekend we’ve got clean carpet, a smaller mountain of toys upstairs, an olympic sprinter and an Ivy Leaguer.

Not bad for a weekend’s work, I’d say.


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  1. That is so awesome! I’m incredibly happy for you guys! 😀

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