(Un)Eventful sort of morning complete with Confessions

I just finished eating a lot of mashed potatoes. There’s still more in the fridge calling to me. I will not answer their siren song. “No! Shut up, Mashed Potatoes! You cannot win me over with your promise of spinach, cheese and sour cream!…Give me a couple hours.”

A couple weeks ago I set up an appointment for the Dentist. I was scared, not only because of the actual dentistry but because it’s been (I can actually say this honestly) decades since I’ve gone. You should’ve seen the Dentist’s face when I told her it’d been more than 10 years. She was shocked. Eye bugging out and everything. I can just imagine what she was preparing herself for when she asked me to lie back so she could examine my mouth.

“Amazing.” She said in an awed voice, “No cavities. Nothing.” Take that, Regular Dental Check ups! Oh and Flossing! Take that, Flossing Regularly (Or At All)! I’m not completely off the hook, though. I have to go back in a few weeks for a cleaning and then another couple weeks after that to get a wisdom tooth extracted. Apparently this is a big deal as Dear Jessie is shocked that I’m planning on coming into work after the 7am appointment that day. I should probably call them and find out exactly what’s need and if I should be driving.

Jonas’ birthday is coming up. Perhaps you’ve heard me mention it. It’s tomorrow. TOMORROW. It just doesn’t make sense to me but I guess I have to go with it. His party is this weekend and I had such grand ideas surrounding 12-13 4×6 collages of pics from this past year hanging all over the garage. Then I started going through all the photos we’ve taken over this past year. Then I started editing all the photos we’ve taken over this past year. Then I decided to just print out an 8×10 of one nice picture from the zoo where he’s just days shy of being a year old. Then I remembered I have a best friend who’s been taking really nice pics through out the past year so I’m just going to print out a bunch of those as 4×6’s and hang them all over the garage from the streamers.

I’m not lazy. I’m smart. There’s a difference.

Matt told me the other day that I’ve hit several home runs since cooking vegetarian. “Who knew it took you going vegetarian to really start cooking good?” It sounds much worse than he meant it and he started back pedaling right quick: “I mean, you’ve always cooked good but you’ve really done some great stuff lately.” This means a lot considering I never really gave Matt a choice in going vegetarian. I’m glad he’s liking all the experimentation I’ve had to do in the kitchen (and he doesn’t hold it against me over cooking his chicken the other night.).

This whole vegetarian thing is really clicking with me. It’s a whole new world of cooking that works for me as I don’t have to worry about meat temps or anything. Which is good because there isn’t that lingering fear of, “Hey, is Jaden going to get sick from this chicken being slightly pink?” Plus, it’s much faster and easier than I thought and we’re trying new vegetables. Not quite ready for egg plant yet.

This morning while perched on the side of the bathtub shaving my legs, I saw something just above my left knee but on the inner side. I guess it would be my inner left thigh just above my knee? I couldn’t tell if it was a bruise or a giant fricken varicose vein. Like most things in my life that confuse me or should be investigated further, I ignored it. After spending the entire morning continuously hitting that spot with my other leg, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a bruise.

I’m not sure how it got there but I’m going to blame the damn goats at the zoo that kept jumping up on me trying to get at the food I was holding for Jaden because Jaden decided she didn’t want to feed the goats anymore. Nothing like trying to shield a baby that’s sitting on your left hip while trying to push away goats with your right arm. Goats who must not have eaten anything all day because “OH MY GOD! Here!” and I threw the damn pellets on the ground and ran far away. Jaden paid no mind but continued petting the goats while Jonas giggled at the cute baby goat trying to nibble his fingers.

Jaden and Goat Jonas and Goat

Is it called a jump drive or a flash drive? I never know which is the correct term.


Next time you feel like eating chickens, imagine the chickens looking like this then tell me you still want to eat a chicken:

Chicken Babies


Work spam filter has stopped working altogether. Sample subject lines: “I’m Your Dark Side!” and “Blood and honor organization”


2 Responses

  1. It’s Flash drive – “Jump Drive” is a brand name, I believe.
    Which reminds me…I think you still have my “Jump Drive” from a couple years ago!

  2. Take the day off after the wisdom tooth. I was sedated though so it could be way diff… I was worthless for 2 days but I did have all 4 out… And you and your perfect teeth, yeah, you stink. I only ever took a 4 year break and I had like 8 cavities and almost had to have a root canal. And I floss!! Gah. Happy b-day to Jonas!

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