Make Ahead Vegetarian Burritos

Everyone knows how hard it is to resist the urge to just grab something at a fast food establishment. The choices are numerous and the lure of greasy fries and burgers is almost painful.

Now imagine you’re trying to only eat meat whose source you are fully aware of and support.

Then add your ever dwindling bank funds.

Your fast food choices get limited to curly fries, potatoes and bean burritos.

Instead of fast food you could bring in some freezer meals or left overs if you’re smart enough to bring either.

OR! There’s a third option: make ahead lunches!


I second that “er?”, dear reader. I really do. I have enough shit to do by the time I get dinner on the table and the kids in bed. However! I’ve decided I’m sick of having to give up my precious lunch time driving to some psuedo tex mex place and loading up on gross burritos. It’s all about choice and I’m trying to make better ones. Before slouching on the couch and playing Sims and ignoring the mountains of laundry crying for help from the basement.

As part of my “selective meat eating” I had Matt pick me up a jar of vegetarian refried beans*.  They sat on the shelf full of good intentions for a little over a week. Really I was planning on making burritos and freezing them. Didn’t I have a borrowed freezer in my basement just begging me to fill it up with smart make ahead meals?

Obviously both the beans and the freezer underestimate just how truly lazy I can be. (And really? The beans should feel nothing but gratitude that it’s only been a week. I still have a can of tomato soup in there that I don’t remember buying.) Not to worry! Their day came when after a fruitless search for a ceaser salad wrap ended with a frozen (yet yummy) single serve pizza, I decided enough was enough. It was time to make some lunches.

Now, I can only hope that there are much smarter people than I out there who can figure out on their own how to make a damn bean burrito. In my defense YES! I know you can just slap some beans and cheese into a tortilla and roll it up. But I figured that refried beans straight out of the can would be a little dull. I thought about adding some cumin to the mix but how much? And what else? Surely there’s more to a bean burrito than beans and cumin.

To the internets!  If you click on that link you’ll find literally thousands of links to recipes for “make ahead burritos”. They all look just fine but I was looking for easy, refried beans and no taco seasoning packet (I have one and I’m saving it for enchilladas on Friday. Boy howdy.). Eventually, I found one. I left out the rice and the salsa so it was a true bean and cheese burrito. That’s what’s great about burritos: you can put whatever you want in them.

Last night I made me four burritos and today over lunch I had one. I really hoped it would turn out because not only did I have no back up lunch plans but I had three more of these suckers in the freezer.

Result? Not bad. Next time I’ll even out the cheese a little more as I had a big pocket on one end and none on the other. The flavor was good but could use a little more kick; perhaps more chili powder. I felt a lot less disgusting after wards than I usually do after a trip to The Bell. All in all? SUCCESS!

Next: I shall pick up a ceaser-salad-in-a-bag and make some wraps per Jessie’s suggestion.

*If you, like Matt, aren’t sure what makes vegetarian refried beans vegetarian I shall give you my best guess: food processors sneak chicken or beef broth into nearly everything for “flavor” purposes. I can only assume that when it says “vegetarian” they leave that crap out.


4 Responses

  1. I am such a huge fan of stuff wrapped in tortillas. Totally making these tonight, thanks for posting the recipe!

  2. The difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian refried beans is, ahem, um, lard, yes lard. Gross.

  3. GAH! Lard?! EW!!

  4. hate to say it but nothing compares to lard when it comes to making pie dough. some time Kevin will have to make you a homemade pie using lard–nothing beats its flaky tender pie crust.

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