Marcoda Goes to the Dentist: Appointment is Requested

Marcoda says: Gah, ok would it be reasonable to put in my dental appointment request that I’m scared to death of dentists? Just to give them the head’s up?

Jessie says: I think it would be a good idea, and something that would be helpful for them to know ahead of time, yes.

Jessie says: Is it one of those places that offers the sedation dentestry?

Jessie says: (I sound like a commercial.)

Marcoda says: Seriously, my tummy’s all weird just trying to force myself to hit Submit. And I’m not sure about the sedation dentistry. I should ask that.

Jessie says: Totally! Or, ask if it’s ok if you get drunk before the appt.

Marcoda says: for a 7am appointment…

Jessie says: You’re up at 5:30…

Marcoda says: That is plenty of time to get hammered! Good point!

Marcoda says: Here’s what I’m saying: “Side note: I’m very much afraid of dentists. Nothing personal.”

Jessie says: Hopefully they can offer….something to help.

Marcoda says: Booze would be nice.

Jessie says: They should be used to hearing that and know how to deal with it, I would hope.

Jessie says: Screw driver, of course. It’s breakfast afterall.

Marcoda says: I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t schedule Jaden for the same time as me. I don’t want her to see her mommy die of fright.

Jessie says: Ha! Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

Marcoda says: Will you come hit the submit button for me?

Jessie says: You can do it. Think of HP!

Marcoda says: That has nothing to do with anything! OOH! Maybe I could conjure a patronus or something.

Jessie says: To hit the submit button for you? Sure.

Marcoda says: ok, I hit it. I’m going to go throw up now.

Jessie says: I’m just sayin’ the dentist is nothing compared to Voldemort.

Marcoda says:  Says you.


One Response

  1. Call them and make sure they offer nitrous. No matter how scared you are, nitrous makes the trip worth it. Even if your insurance wont pay for it, the charge is usually only about $40, but they typically submit to insurance first. You can trust me, I’ve had many thousands of dollars in dental work done…

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