See my vest

Man, do I wish I had a vest to show you. Been wanting one for awhile but wishin’ ain’t gettin’. (Huh, maybe I should update my side pic.) Alas all I have is Mr. Burn’s song courtesy of my husband singing a “Le Poisons/Be Our Guest” medley before heading out to mow the lawn.

I don’t have much to say but I figured it’s been long enough since I wrote a good old fashion rambling along blog. However! I don’t believe I’ve ever live-blogged…


Jaden is currently shirking her playing outside duties in favor of watching my old Powerpuff Girl VHS’s. Hang on, I need to see the copyright on this. Good god. 2000. I keep forgetting it’s 2009 not 2008 which makes my “Holy crap! That’s 8 years old!” absolutely false and puts it firmly in the “Holy crap it’s nearly a decade old!” file.

I’ve been feeling old lately. On the drive home today I made Matt promise to never throw or let anyone throw me an “over the hill” party. He promised and said he’d throw me a “reaching the plateau” party. I’m a lucky woman.

When I was younger I would read stories about these main characters who were only 26 years old with all of this life experience behind them in their adult years and I’d think, “No way all of that could happen in so short of time!” That makes no sense but my point is I have a poor poor concept of time and there’s no way in hell I’m approaching “almost 30” so we’re going to move one.

Jaden is now practicing her power puff moves. Oh! Hey! I haven’t posted any birthday pics from her party. I was going to at some point (time? what’s time?) but things keep happening like our crazy awesome 3 day weekend (zoo, beach, pool party, fireworks, laundry–ok that part isn’t awesome but it’s a factor. Oh, also not awesome is my tooth chipping thing.).

–side track–is it considered side tracking when one is live blogging one’s own thoughts? ANYWAY, so there I was sitting on a lawn chair watching Jonas walk around the little kids picnic table, very much NOT eating or drinking anything, when my tongue moved against my front teeth and I stopped because holy crap did something just come off my tooth? Holy crap is that my tooth?? Ok, not all of my tooth but certainly a nice chunk of it. Then: HOLY CRAP IS MY RECURRING NIGHTMARE WHERE I SPIT HANDFULS OF TEETH OUT OF MY MOUTH COMING TRUE?? No on the nightmare come to life, but yes, I chipped my tooth and the next day I went to Target to buy a night mouth guard to prevent me grinding any more teeth to dust and also a bra to replace the one my dryer ate (did I not tell you about that? Ok, my dryer ate my bra. Well, one of the little hooks got all twisted and wonky rendering it completly useless but not before the dryer twisted it up in all kinds of crazy bra knots.) and some ketchup, dishwashing detergent and laundry soap. Then I went to check out and discovered I’d left my wallet in the beach bag. *sigh* In the end I got a new bra that I love way more than the other crappy one that was prone to being gnawed on by clothes dryers but couldn’t set up a dentist appointment because lord only knows where I put my dental insurance card and I had to set up a username and stuff on their website in order to order replacement cards that I’m still waiting on.–end side track–

But now I have an even BIGGER and BETTER excuse for not posting pictures from the awsome pirate party. Matt stopped home after work yesterday to check his facebook and reddit (two things very easily done on his phone and at work, respectively) and somehow a nasty Trojan got into the desktop. Horse hair helmet and sandles and everything. Matt barely turned off the external drive in time and he needs to redo the whole computer operating system thing. Yes, I could plug the external into my laptop but! What IF! What if he didn’t turn it off in time and it infects my precious Stella? I can’t let that happen, I won’t let that happen and I can’t let that happen! So, being the sweet self servicing gal I am, I’m going to wait until Matt gets the computer rebooted or whatever  and tests it on his own computer before trying it on mine. OR, until Jessie sends me some more awesome and way better pics that she took.

So that’s that.

Hey, guess what! I can’t get enough party planning and so I’m jumping right into planning another one! No, wait. TWO!

Jonas’ First Birthday Party! (*SOB*)-Beginning of August

My grampa’s 85th Birthday Party! (*He’s not 65 anymore?*)-End of August

I’m not actually planning the 85th birthday shindig but my yard is the best equipped and so I’ve been asked to host it. Host but not pay for it because, HI! We are broke. So broke that we had frozen waffles and scrambled eggs for dinner tonight. But Jaden ate it all without complaint. Huh, I’m suddenly getting why parents are so in favor of “breakfast for supper”: cheap and no fighting.

Awwwwwwwwwwww Jaden’s made me a pie. I LOVE pie! How did she know? Oooh! And a dilly bar for dessert! She’s the best mom ever!

In other news: Jonas discovered where mommy keeps the kitchen cleaning supplies, Matt’s new bike has a leaky tire, Jaden’s new favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl (Did you know pterodactyl’s were the size of sparrows? Me neither, but according to that dino book of Jaden’s, it’s true.), I don’t want to do the dishes (that’s not news) so instead I will drink wine and start selecting pictures for collages and invites for Jonas’ First Birthday (*SOB*).


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  1. And this is why we all love the sparkling personality that you are. I ❤ your randomness.

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