Jonas: 11 months

Handome BoyThere wasn’t a whole lot of “new” developments this last month. Jonas has been practicing and improving on the skills he already has and is focused on getting bigger and louder.

On the MoveHis curiosity knows no limits. He’s into everything. Some favorites: drawers, toilets, closets (specifically the toilet plunger inside the bathroom closet), the dishwasher, the cupboards, the oven, and the ultimate favorite: the central air vent covers that pop so conveniently out of the floor. Whoever put those is had never met a crawler. Matt fastened in the vent cover in the kitchen but we don’t have that option for the one in the dining room and so put Jaden’s step stool over it. Jonas gets mad, knocks it over, and then pulls the cover out.

Low RiderShameful confession time: Jonas loves Jaden’s Baby Einstein “Meet the Orchestra” and her new dinosaur DVD. He doesn’t watch them for long before he’s distracted by the pretty picture frames daddy placed hopefully on a low shelf but he really does love those dinosaurs.

First Plate He no longer has any patience for “baby food” unless it’s fruit mixed with his oatmeal. So far he loves tofu, carrots, ravioli, spaghetti and watermelon. I’ve started buying him those Gerber Toddler Pick-ups things and he can’t get enough of them.

Play Time!One thing that he’s gotten very good at is communicating his wants. He tugs on pant legs, follows us around whining to be held, pushes away what he doesn’t want and lunges for what he does want. You wouldn’t think one who hasn’t seen a full year on this earth could communicate so well and I have to wonder if sometimes people think I’m full of crap when I say, “Oh he doesn’t want anymore of that. He wants this.” To those that know him, he’s loud and clear.

Fish!We took him to the zoo July 3 and he fell in love with the fish. First Matt stood with him and then I did. He kept turning to me with this awed smile on his face that said, “Mom, are you seeing this? This is amazing!” I can never get enough of that smile.

Looking out at the worldIn less than a month, Jonas, you’ll be a full year old. I can’t wrap my mind around that. You’ve flown through all of your development stages with such speed that I don’t have time to catch my breath before you’re off and running to the next. You’re standing with more confidence every day and you love to walk while holding our hands. I remember Jaden at this stage. While she was always strong and loved to stand, she seemed so much more fragile, less sure. You are solid on your feet. There’s a certainty in your stance when you stand by yourself that swells my heart. You came out ready to move and you’re not letting anything stand in your way.

 Happy 11 months, Wonderboy!

2009-07-04 18.33.53-1


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