Breaking Point

Dear People Who Get Upset With Us For Not “Hanging Out” As Long As You’d Like:

We have children: children that we love more than anything in this world. Each night we get, maybe, 2 ½ hours with them before they have to go to bed (1 ½ hours with our youngest). After they are in bed we have, (again) maybe, 2 hours to spend with each other: our spouse whom we’ve dedicated the rest of our lives to. Those 2 hours are eaten up by Crap That Needs to Get Done Around the House. OR. Hanging Out With Our Friends. The latter is a rarity and usually does not include The Spouse.

The Weekend is two full days in which we need to cram all the Crap That Needs to Get Done Around the House that didn’t get done during the week, Quality Time with the Children That Came Forth from One Of Our Loins, Extended-Family Commitments, Hanging Out With Friends (perhaps even together, like, as a couple and everything!) and then, FINALLY, Quality Time With Spouse.

Within all of that time we need to eat, sleep, bathe, dress, clean, grocery shop, scold and teach children and sneak in a quick kiss here and there.

Many times, one of us has to do all of the parenting/house parts alone so that the other person can get a much needed break to Hang Out With Friends. Most of those times, the person completes the allotted tasks without a word of protest because they know how much the other person does for the family. Once in a blue moon that person snaps and needs help, needs The Spouse to either come home or stay home because my god! We just can’t do it alone for another moment.

When those (rare) times come, please be kind enough to remember all of the times we spend time with you without needing to leave early and with little to no complaint from the Person Stuck At Home (Again). Do not think that we are purposely trying to hurt you or cut your perceived plans short. Remember that we are going home to be with the Family That We Love More Than Anything Else in the World (Even You).

Above all else: Do not think for one moment that you have any right to make us feel guilty for putting family first. Yes, we love you. We just love our family more.

Sincerely and With Love,

The Bingmars


2 Responses

  1. hmmm…this should be a standard letter given to all friends who visit their friends babies in the hospital and they are not allowed to hold the baby until they sign an aggreement to the letter!

  2. well, i’m definitely curious who said what.

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