the unsung hero

Everyone talks about how moms are the ones that do all the work while the dads are the ones having all the fun.

Those people have never met my husband.

My children’s dad.

I can honestly say our parenting split is 50/50. We take turns picking up the kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, bathing, disciplining, rewarding, hugging, laughing and playing. Actually, many of those are shared and conducted together.

I trust his judgement, he trusts mine. We’re both going a little overboard in our plans for Jaden’s birthday.

I’ve never seen a man work harder for his kids to raise them right and make them happy. Or take more hits to the groin.

To prove my point about our shared roles, he’s giving J her bath as I write this and then I’ll do bedtime. He also just reminded me to set up her annual check up.

Earlier we gave Jonas his bath and got him ready for bed and then he took him and said, “Let me put him to bed.”

He could easily shirk his duties today citing the holiday as an excuse.

But no. That’s not his style.

Happy Father’s Day, Matt. You were who Hallmark had in mind when they came up with this holiday.

We love you!


2 Responses

  1. i would say i hate you for having such a wonderful husband…but sadly i was talking to my mom yesterday about your entire foursome you got there for your family and told her how awesomely awesome all of you are. You all are definately something i wish i could find and provide for my family…so yeah…. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! You are too kind. Let me just say that we certainly have our challenges like any family. We do what we can 🙂

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