An over abundance of exclamations and parentheticals

This past weekend was so freaking awesome it’s taken me two days to process it! That’s not entirely true. I’m pretty sure you know the real reason I haven’t posted about it (see: “LAZY!” and “Wasting Time on Facebook and Google”). Let’s break it down by day, shall we?

 “Yes, Marcoda! We shall!”

 Great! Let’s go!

Friday: I was supposed to go to the annual “County Carnival Parade Type Thing” celebration at my Sister In Law’s House but I had a massive headache so Jonas and I stayed home. After Jonas went to bed I played Sims and watched Shakespeare In Love and nursed my headache; Matt and Jaden went and had a lovely time playing and watching the parade. Until Jaden let go of Uncle Jason’s finger and landed hard on her tail bone. On the asphalt. And cried. Matt brought her home around 9 and headed back to the party. Jaden went to bed and I read fan fiction for three hours or so. Time well spent, I say.

Saturday:  My little nephew had his first dance recital so we all tromped off to a local high school to watch 4 hours of dancing. Oy. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all and actually was quite enjoyable. Back up a titch to us looking for our seats (Section 3, Row G, Seats 4,5, and 6) and who should I see striding up to me looking amazed and gleeful but my brother! (Ya’ll don’t know my brother (his name’s Brad and he’s three years younger than me and the only boy out of my mom’s four kids) and I don’t talk about him much because I see him roughly three times a year. I feel I may have used up a third of my quota with this chance encounter.) Turns out his step daughter is enrolled at my nephew’s dance school and they were there to watch her perform! AND! He was sitting in the row right in front of us! Also, turns out he has a shorter attention span than I thought because he left halfway through never to return. Mysterious. (I found out later he had some crazy car trouble. I’m thinking he went out for a cigarette in his car and discovered at that time his car was dead.) In the same vein of  “small worldness”, before the show we were all standing outside waiting for my in-laws when who should walk up to us saying, “The Bingmars?” but an old friend from high school who I sometimes chat with online. Whoo! Unfortunately we couldn’t visit with her long because she had to bring her little boy in to get ready (ADORABLE! Oh my gosh. He’s got these cheeks and this shaggy dark brown hair. I died. Flat dead.)

Needless to say, as you all know what a damn cry baby I am, I teared up when I saw Nephew on stage in his little kung-fu outfit, with his spiked hair dancing to “Kung-Fu Fighting”. Then again when he danced in his Joker Makeup (From Tim Burton’s Batman with Jack Nicholson) with all the boys (from all classes and age groups) to “Partyman”. And then again when he was jumping up and down during the finale. I love that little boy, I really do. So proud!

Then we went home, had dinner and Matt took Jaden to the carnival to ride some rides and check out the petting zoo. Jonas went to bed without an issue and I watched The Simpsons Movie and (you guessed it) Simmed. Jaden and Daddy came home and J went to bed.  Matt came up behind me in the dining room and said the sweetest thing to me EVER:

“Can I watch you play your game?”

 I almost cried. “Yes! Yes you can, sweetie!”

 Then he asked if he could build a house for my sims.

 I almost cried. “Yes! Yes you can, sweetie!”

We drank rum and cokes and build a house together on the sims while I kept swooning and hugging him and telling him how wonderful he was and how much I love him and this was the best night ever and yes I am a nerd but so are you because you love me, sucker!

Sunday: FINALLY! June figured out that it’s JUNE and it should be fricken nice out for crying out loud. It was 80! And Sunny! And we all played outside! ALL AFTERNOON! (The morning was spent inside with Jaden and I playing Sims while Jonas took an exceptionally long nap.) (Yes, I play a lot of Sims. Wanna fight about it?) Even the cats got out! That sounds like they escaped. What I meant was they got to go outside too. On leads. And now Meena keeps trying to escape or sits in the window pining for the outdoors.

Jonas chased soccer balls, Jaden ran around like a banshee (the cute, imaginative kind), Matt weeded the garden and showed me all the wonderful growth (Beans! Peas! Spinach! Cucumbers! Onions! Tomatoes! Peppers!), and I sat there in the shade basking in the delight of a late-spring afternoon with my family in the backyard that we’ve worked so hard for.

Sometimes I think about the city and I miss living on the outskirts of downtown. Then weekends like the one we just had unfold and I dismiss those wistful thoughts as “grass is greener” mentality. We have way more grass now than we ever did in the city and it’s just going to get greener and greener.*


*Grass being a metaphor for happy good times.


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