My posts have been less than stellar. I’ve come to the conclusion that I would make a crappy free lancer as I can’t even drag myself to my laptop to write a simple update on my life. Of course, payment might incentify me a titch.

The main reason I haven’t updated this week is, really, ya’ll don’t need to hear me bitch about work or money or the crappiness of both. There have been some super cute moments with the kids but I generally “twort” about those. Well, the 140 character long stories.

The other night Jaden told us a really cute story using shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes and other items found in the bathroom. There was a king, a queen, a princess and “honors”. I’m not sure what honors are but she was one along with her father and mother. Each time an honor was presented to the queen and king, Jaden raised her arms above her head and declared, “Children of the kingdom! Here is your honor!” and then the honor had to bow to the king and queen and thank them for the honor.

I guess I could’ve written all that the other night. Y’see? I’m so lame and blerged out that I can’t even write when the story is given to me on a silver platter.

Stressed? Yes, that would be the obvious excuse but what else is new? I’m not the only stressed person out there and there are plenty of stressed people who can put on a happy face for their kids or the internets and write a decent blog entry.

Me? I twitter goofy things that pop into my head and go back to my Sims game.

And post movie stills that reflect what I’m really doing in my mind sometimes.

Can you believe my husband has never seen "Psycho"?

Here. Try this recipe tonight. It’s super good. Take the advice in the “reviews” and saute some minced garlic in with the butter before you add the cream cheese. After you add the milk, add lots of ground black pepper, a little salt, some garlic powder and just a couple shakes from your nutmeg spice jar (I got the nutmeg tip from the reviews as well). I also added some chopped spinach but I bet broccoli would be yummy too.

OK, shaking off my “mood” and focusing on getting my work done (and not on what may or may not be happening organizational wise) and going out tonight with my husband. WHOO!


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