Well played

Last night was rough. Jonas woke up at 11:30 and then again sometime after 5. When I brought him back to bed with me I noticed Jaden was in our bed. So, crowded bed and no more sleep for me as, good mother that I am, I was too concerned with keeping Jonas from smothering himself on my pillow. At some point a little after 7 Jaden woke up and requested I get up with her. “Muh.” I mumbled into my pillow.


“Can you go play in your bedroom for a little bit?”

“No!” was her whine-filled response.

Eventually she got tired of waiting for me and left.

Now, I was wide awake because not 0nly was I worried about Jonas smothering I was now also worried about Jaden burning down the house. Not worried enough to get up right away. I waited 20 minutes then got up.

I found her playing innocently on the couch with her doll.

“Hey, sweetie,” I greeted her. “Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, I’m just playing with my baby and Jonas’ shape sorter thing and making music.”

“That sounds like fun. Do you want to watch a movie?” (standard morning routine)

“Yeah! I want to watch a movie with you!”

“Ok, you go pick out a movie while I go potty. I really have to go.”

“Ok, mommy. Remember I just had an accident because I waited too long.”

(stop , turn back around to J) “You had an accident? Are you wearing new underpants?”

“Yeah!” she exclaims proudly and lifts up her nightgown to show me.

“Very good,” I say and then ask where she had her accident. She runs to the bathroom to show me, pointing at the floor next to the toilet and her stool. I don’t see anything so I ask her if she cleaned it up.

“Yeah!” she answers, “I cleaned up my stool but not the floor.”

I was the floor and her stool again for good measure. Then I hug her  and thank her for cleaning up.

“You’re welcome!” she says sweetly.

Right now she’s eating a bowl of cereal she poured herself and watching Nightmare Before Christmas (“because it’s light outside!”) and I’m marveling at how a little girl can go from completely helpless when asked to pick up her toys to cleaning up her own accident and pouring herself a bowl of cereal without even being asked.


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