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Jonas: 10 months

If last month’s theme was “The Plague” then this month’s would be “The Motion”.
Standing had its disadvantages

Standing had its disadvantages

Standing: Last month I talked about how Jonas was using his mobility to get himself to a sturdy object he could thecourtesy of Jess (again)n use to pull himself up. This has not changed. Well, one thing changed: a couple weeks ago I was in the bathroom getting ready and Jonas was doing his own thing (as he does every morning while I’m getting ready. It’s our special time together while Daddy and Jaden sleep.) opening drawers and using them to stand up with. I held out my hand because he looked a little lost and he accepted it. Then he let go of the drawer with his other hand. I gradually let go of the tiny fingers I was holding. He stood by himself for at least 5 second. Then fell on his butt. We tried again and again he stood for 5 seconds before falling on his butt. Each time he fell he did not get upset. He actually looked quite shocked at what he was capable of doing all by himself. I’ve been trying to get him to do it since but he refuses. I think he’s too busy pulling panty liners out of the drawer to focus on staying still for any length of time.

Always on the go

Crawling: So I’ve gotten over the Cute! Stripey! Butt! Wiggling! And have moved quite successfully into the “OMG! Just stay in one spot for 2 minutes!” Stage. Jonas is so curious about everything. He wants to look in every drawer and pull off the vent cover on the kitchen floor (Matt finally gave in and screwed it down last night) and eat anything he finds on the floor. I don’t remember having to shoo Jaden away from things all the time like I do with Jonas. However, I did take things out of her mouth until she was three, which I reminded her of when she yelled at Jonas for chewing on her My Little Pony.

Morning routine

Relationship with Jaden: I’m starting to see the sibling rivalry come out more now that Jonas is mobile and is so interested in anything that’s Jaden’s. He’d much rather play with her toys than his. They’ve got much smaller parts that come off and when compared to his lame “one large piece” toys you can’t blame him in the least. Jaden got fed up the other day with his exploring and hit him on the back. Not hard but enough to get the wrath of mommy. “You don’t hit your brother!” “But he keeps pulling on that stuff!” I’m working with Jaden to help her understand that it’s her job to teach her little brother, not hit him. “He’s just a baby, Jaden. He doesn’t know he’s not supposed to do that. It’s up to us to show him. When you see him pulling on the lamp, take his hand away and say, “No, Jonas, don’t touch!” and then carry him away from the lamp.” That’s another thing she’s gotten more comfortable this month with: holding him. These last 9 months or so she’s been scared to hold him, thinking he was too little and she was too big. Now she’s picked him up a few times and carried him back (ok, helped walk him back really) to where he should be. It’s quite sweet.

Eating: Boy can or tries to eat everything from pasta and tofu to tree seeds (the “helicopter” ones are his favorite) and yarn from the bathroom rug. It’s a relief to see that our second child isn’t as picky as the first one. When he finishes his “real”food he claps his hands which I at first interpreted as “yay!” but have since determined he means “more” as the sign for “more” is bringing your fingers together and “all done” is pulling them apart. Genius Baby? Yes, I think so.

Sweater vest!

Drinking out of a cup: Jonas got his first sippy cup last weekend. I LOVE the Nubby. It’s a great “transition” cup as it has a soft nipple. He’s not tipping it back himself but will accept it if we recline him and if there’s juice (not water, heaven forbid) in it.

Teeth: Kid popped another tooth and has yet two more ready to bust through. I can’t keep up. However, this may account to his odd sleeping habits lately.

Baby Simon Pegg

Sleeping: I’m not sure what’s going on with his sleep cycle. Either he’s sleeping through the night or 5am is the new 2am which makes midnight the new 2am. Did you follow that because I sure didn’t? So, like we’ve always done in the past, Matt and I are just going with it and dealing with each night as it comes. Tuesday night both kids slept all night (Jonas waking up at 6 just as I got out of the shower.) but as we all know, one night does not a permanent sleep cycle make.

It’s crazy. Each month I recap all the stages Jonas hits and they seem to be flying by at top speed. I hardly have time to catch my breath and drink in his personality. This is not fair because Jonas has SUCH personality! His smile when he sees me in the morning or in the afternoon is enough to make me never want to let him go. His open mouthed lunge at my face makes me ignore the snot and drool all over his face. His love of tug-o-war is enough to send his daddy into giggle fits. He clings to my pants while I’m trying to cook and I try not to move too quickly lest he fall; I look down and say hello and he grins and waves his arms at me. His hugs, ugh, his hugs. He grips my arms and buries his face in my shoulder and pumps his legs up and down because he has so much love and joy his body can barely contain it. He loves to laugh and is the first to appreciate a goofy noise or face or mommy acting like a goon.

Those are the things I want so much to share with the world. This is why I do these monthly updates even though I sometimes don’t know what to say. I don’t ever want to forget these moments.

Happy 10 Months, Wonderboy

Happy 10 Months, Wonderboy


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