I haven’t finished my coffee but felt the need to update the world on our goings-on. SO! Incoherent Bullet Rambling Time!

  • Jonas: Seems to be going through a stubborn streak. If it’s anything like my stubborn streak, I’m in for 28+ years of trying to get him to just eat his baby food. God, I hope that’s not the case. I would like to think that by the time he heads to Prom he can eat his own baby food and share nicely with his date. This week he seems to be over the Nasty All Consuming Cold/Flu thing that attacked him over the weekend but it has left him a Great Big Mister Cranky Pants who demands to know why the hell he can’t have what I’m having and howls, “Get those damned pureed green beens out of my face! I hate you! Gimme your cous cous!” Both arms come up and around to cross in front of him and knock whatever I’m trying to feed him out of my hand: food, bottle, binky. Nothing will gain access unless it originally came from my plate. On the one hand I’m thinking, “Dude, get your own food. This is mine.” but on the other I’m so proud to see him wanting “real” food so I’m giving him real food. He likes pasta, potatoes, cauliflower, cous cous, yogurt, toast, and anything else that enters his mouth via my hand.
  • Jonas (again): Going through another “sleep cycle change” which is so damn fun I’m thinking about inviting people over to join me and Matt for the 12-1am PARTY! We’ll take turns getting out of bed, offering Jonas his binky, getting smacked by the baby, picking him up, enjoying the silence this brings, putting him back in the crib, giving him a bottle, tip-toeing back to bed, getting comfy in the bed and then tagging the next person when Jonas’ screams reach deafening level again. Seriously, guys. You’re missing out.
  • Me and Matt (in regards to Jonas’ sleep): Have to put our foot down. Boy cannot come into our bed before 5am anymore. This is hard as Jonas is (see Bullet One) STUBBORN. I haven’t reached the point of turning off the monitor so I can’t hear him scream but I am forcing myself to wait 5 minutes before rushing in to take care of him. Most of the time.
  • Jaden: Has gone from AWESOME! to DEVIL! to AWESOME! all in a three day time span. It’s a little exhausting. Tuesday she didn’t have a nap but I (stupidly) suggested we take a family walk up to the sandwich shop for dinner (“It’s so NICE out!”). Fighting ensued over a PLAIN CHEESE SANDWICH and the eating of that sandwich by Jaden followed by howls by her to be carried and me just leaving the damn shop and Jaden finally running to catch with Matt. She ended up in bed as soon as we got home and eating the sandwich for breakfast the next morning. Wednesday was a (relatively) normal and nice evening with her eating her food and watching An American Tail and then playing with her flash card things and me beaming with pride at my smart little girl. Yesterday she pulled out all the stops: no nap; angel child who did not throw a fit when her bath was cut short for dinner; ate her dinner with no arguing and then proceeded to put on a show for me and her grandparents. The show included an M.C., different acts of girls showing their talents (singing and dancing) and lots of bowing and whispering “back stage”. Hands down the best performance I’ve ever seen. I hope the troupe comes through again because I’d totally buy another ticket.
  • Matt: Decided to have BBQ this weekend and has been cleaning the house in preperation. This is awesome.
  • Me: Will clean the bathroom and the bedroom tonight admittedly half-assed as my friend introduced me to some online game thing called “Second Life”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Well, tonight I need to buy hair and shoes so I’m hoping guests tomorrow will understand if I don’t scrub out the tub. OH! And I bought this and this yesterday and boy howdy am I excited!

Jonas: The Winner of this week’s “Cranky Stubborn Pants” and “Awesome Crawler” awards
Jaden: The Winner of this week’s “Jekyl and Hyde” and “Best Performance in a Musical or Comedy” Awards
Matt: The Winner of this week’s Awesome Spouse/Partner Award
Me: The Winner of this week’s Spoiling Herself Award


One Response

  1. my ex husband makes about $200/month playing second life….sick.

    yay bbq!

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