Daze End

I’ve been terrible at updates lately and for that I apologize. Life seems so full and yet so uneventful or at least not “blog worthy” (which goes to show how quiet life has been lately.). We’re doing stuff around the house, cleaning, yarding, gardening. Ok, Matt’s done the yarding and Jaden helped him with the gardening. But I did stuff around the house and I bought a pretty new bag! This morning I walked across the parking lot proudly sporting my cute new bag and (inwardly) laughed at the lady ahead of me carrying her purse and a bright red reusable Target Bag. It was a sympathetic laugh because I was that woman as recently as last Friday. No longer! My new bag is not only cute and very versatile, it also carries a full size bottle of pancake syrup and a banana with tons of room to spare! Yes, this is important. A Mom Bag must be able to carry all essentials both child-serving and mommy-serving. AND! As it doesn’t have any organizational pockets, I get to buy cute organizers from Etsy! Like this! And this! And these! So how is any of this helpful and blog worthy? Well, it’s helpful to my sanity because I won’t have to carry around 5 bags when I go anywhere and it’s helpful to Marshall’s because I will be telling everyone how I got a NineWest bag for $24.99 instead of $59.99 and it’s helpful to all the cute people on etsy who will be getting my money which will allow them to continue making cute stuff which I will later buy for my children and they will happier for it. Or I will be. Really? This is all one big “Make Marcoda Happy, The Big Spoiled Brat” project. And THAT makes it blog worthy.

Speaking of making me happy, I mentioned the gardening that was done by Matt. Matt, Jaden and MIL actually. It was finally planted yesterday because it’s the first weekend where there was decent weather with little chance of freezing all damn month. WTH, Weather? We’re Minnesota. We’ve put up with MONTHS of crap from you and now that it’s May, we expect a little warmth with our sunshine. What’s with all the 40 degree temps? Anyway, the garden is planted (no thanks to Weather) and it’s all very cute with the little rows and labels and stuff. I’ll have to take a pic and post it later. Along with a pic of my bag. We grilled some burgers and hot dogs last night and had some corn on the cob (what is it about heavily buttered corn on the cob that’s just so UMPH! YUM?) and dreamed about when our spinach pops up and we can just pick some for our sandwiches or for salad. And if we get a lot of cucumbers, we should try pickling them. And how I need to get my herbs planted so I can have fresh chives whenever I want and not have to pay $3.50 for them and then have them go bad in the fridge.

We’ve gotten very domestic and my mom likes to point it out and laugh at me. She’s supportive that way. (Hi, mom!)

However! To prove we are not the total lame lames that the majority of my blog would have you believe, I will tell you that we took my little sister to her first concert Saturday. Who did we see? S.O.V.! Love her and she’s just as tiny and adorable and bad ass in concert. There were two complaints for the evening: 1) She only performed for 45 minutes or so and 2) Little Sister forgot she’s claustrophobic and I, being the awesome big sister that I am, kept pushing her further into the crowd so she could get the “full concert experience”. A little over half way through I glance at Little Sister and see she’s resting her forehead on her hand and I ask if she’s ok, she shakes her head and I grab her arm and high tale it to the bar where there’s less people and more air. She felt better and I think she had a good time. Hard to say if a person can have a good time while experiencing a minor anxiety attack.

OH! And because it wouldn’t be a complete post without mentioning that someone was sick: Jonas got the flu Friday and decided that sleep was over rated the rest of the weekend. I was feeling sick yesterday morning and slept a total of 5 hours during the day, three of which with Jonas nuzzled up next to me. When he’s sick, the world must stop and see to his every need, even if we can’t figure out what that is. And don’t even think about putting him down, World, you must hold him at all times.

I love the little bugger but I like him more when he sleeps through the night.


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