When dinosaurs attack:A belated Mother’s Day Post

Yesterday morning Jaden climbed into bed to sleep in with me. I held her close and breathed in the morning smell of her hair and quietly informed her that I loved her (in case she didn’t know).

“Guess what, J.”


“You made me a mommy.”


“The day you were born, I became a mommy. You made me a mommy. Isn’t that cool?”


“I love you so much.”

“I love you so much too, mommy.”

Later, after Jaden had ditched the sleeping in thing, she returned with Matt and Jonas and jumped on to the bed:

“Mommy! I made this for you!” She handed me a package wrapped in pink tissue paper. Inside was a wooden frame painted red and covered in purple glitter. In the frame was a very sweet picture of Jaden sitting at the end of the slide at school. This is why I enrolled her in school: school projects that are covered in glitter.

Jonas’ present? Demanding me the entire day as demonstrated through plaintiff cries of “muh-muh!” He also claimed credit for the bookshelf Matt made for me that is residing in the basement and is beautiful and holds my books quite nicely.

Thank you, Matt, for bringing Jonas’ idea to life and for giving me my beautiful babies.

Thank you, mom, for bringing me into the world in order to have such beautiful babies.

Thank you, my beautiful babies. Thank you for your smiles, giggles, hugs, pleas for only me, and for allowing me to have Jess put your heads on dinosaur bodies.

dino kids


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