Back to happy

Today was long. So very long. Mostly my own doing (Matt’s as well) as we were out late for the Bloc Party show last night (RAWK!) and so was very tired today. All day. Then work was a little slow. And I’m trying to cut back on surfing the web at work. It was a long day.

What kept me going was thinking about taking Jonas to his 9 month check up. Not the check up itself but the time in the waiting room playing with my Wonderboy. Jaden was going to stay at the Inlaws and have some one on one time with her grandparents.

15 minutes before I left, Matt called to let me know there was a message on our machine letting us know Dr. called in sick so they had to cancel Jonas’ appointment. My first thought was, “Can doctors so that?” which was immediatly followed by my second thought: “There aren’t any other doctors? Are you kidding me?”


Through the rain  I drove to get my kids. I’ll skip through dinner (see Twitter update to the left to get the gist.) except to say Jaden wasn’t hungry so had Kix and carrot sticks. I remembered that Tuesday is another good cooking show night so Jaden and I ate some easter candy and watched Good Eats and Ace of Cakes. Well, I watched the shows. Jaden went completely nuts all over the bed and refused to calm down and I finally snapped and ordered her to sit in my lap to have a talk:

Me: “Jaden. Look at me.”

Jaden: (small smile)

Me: “Look at me. How am I feeling right now?”

Jaden: “Mad.”

Me: “Why am I mad?”

Jaden: (still smiling) “Because I wasn’t listening.”

Me: (getting more upset) “Why are you smiling?”

Jaden: “Because I wasn’t listening.”

Me: “No. That’s not why. Stop smiling!”

Jaden: (not smiling. Very studiously not smiling.)

Me: “I’m very tired. You need to listen.”

Jaden: (slowly putting a goofy looking face on.)

Me: (knowing very well that she’s trying to make me smile and forget she’s being a little shit and trying my hardest not to give in) “Jaden. Stop. Listen. I’m trying to talk.”

Jaden: (pulls out all the stops and does a tiny little wiggle dance while looking into my eyes very intently, daring me not to laugh and fall in love with her. The smallest of small smiles touches her lips and her eyes get very wide.)

Me: (losing the battle) “Jaden–” (I crack. Grin. Scoop her up into a hug.) “I love you.”

Jaden: (giggles. hugs me back. pulls away and studies my face) “You turned back to happy again!”

Me: (hugs her tight) “Yes. I’m back to happy. Thank you. I love you, Jaden. I love you very very much.”

Jaden: “I love you very much too mommy.”

And now she’s laying next to me waiting to play with my hair and fall asleep so I have to go.


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