Raising a Wholesome Boy in the Internet Age

Marcoda says: Oh my god

Jess says: What??

Marcoda says: JJGo is talking about finding their dads p*rn when they were kids and Jesse just asked Jordan if his dad’s massive collection of pl*yb*ys made him the most popular boy in school before the internet and I thought, “Dear god. My precious little boy is going to look at internet p*rn someday.” and I died a little inside.

Marcoda says: Maybe I’ll get him a subscription to Pl*yB*y when he’s 12 to keep him away from the internet stuff.  Would that make me a bad mom?

Jess says: I dunno, I’m just thinking about what kind of p*rn will be available in 11 years…Scary thought, that.

Marcoda says: …

Jess says: It’s not too late to raise him super-religious so he’ll be afraid to even look without the possibility of going to h*ll…

Marcoda says: No no no. That never works out. He’ll end up being someone’s g*mp by 22.

Jess says: Yeah, maybe not the best idea, that.

Jess says: Suddenly a bit of internet p*rn seems so harmless, compared to that.

Marcoda says: Yeah

Marcoda says: Man. I used to think the internet was awesome before I had kids.

Jess says: well, get him a subscription to pl****y when he’s 12 so he’s super popular in school.

Marcoda says: All the boys will laugh at him: “Psh! Pl*yB*y? What are you? Gay?”

Marcoda says: because that’s how 12 year olds talk

Jess says: Oh, those 12-year-olds and their pshing.

Marcoda says: Sass mouths the lot of them

Jess says: A bunch of nogoodnicks, really.

Marcoda says: Stupid 12 year old nogoodnicks laughing at my Pl*yB*y weilding angel! Just wait until I talk to their mothers!


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