Jonas: 9 Months

Ok, there are only three things I need to talk about for this month. To be fair, they’re all pretty big. In that sense, Mr. Jonas has had a crazy full month, developmentally speaking.


1) Crawling. You may have seen my Twit about him crawling. Last Wednesday he was launching himself off with his right leg. He moved forward instead of to the side or backwards so I counted it. That was nothing, ok, people? Saturday he figured that effer out, my friends. He’s a cruiser now. If we could afford Pampers, he’d so be wearing the Cruisers stage size. I must say I feel a lot less guilty feeding him the Gerber Fruit Puffs now. The recommended “age” for those is “Crawler” and I kept feeling like someone was going to rat me out for letting Jonas eat them when he wasn’t crawling. The rational side of me said, “Dude, he shouldn’t be eating them when he’s crawling anyway. Go ahead and let him eat some.” Did I say “rational side?” You know what I mean. Anyway, he’s crawling and legally eating his Gerber’s Puffs and now the whole universe of Gerbers Puffs (including wheels!) is open to him.


I forgot how cute this stage is. I’ve been a fan of stripey clothes the length of his life thus far but, people! He is so darn cute crawling around in his little stripes. I was squeeling last night as he crawled around in his stripey jammies. I had to put him in stripes today for MIL. He shuffles his legs back and forth about 8 times before he actually moves forward. Like a car revving up before it takes off. In stripes! What does he use his new found locomotion? Crawls to steady surfaces he can use to pull himself up to a standing position. You need to help me: How can I keep him from walking? I need the crawling phase to keep going. Three words: Shuffling. Stripey. Tushie.


2) My boy. He’s talking. There: I said it. Call me “that mom” who blows every little coo into something bigger than it is but if you heard the consistent use of “Muh!” combined with “Nuh!” and “Duh!” you would think he’s talking too. He pulls my pant leg while saying “Muh!” He sits on the floor in tears crying, “Muh!” When he says, “Muh!” his little cheeks puff out and his lips smack with such force he’s very quickly wrapping me around his little stripey finger. OK, his finger isn’t stripey but you get my point. “Muh” is my new favorite word. Hearing it come out of this tiny little boy…my heart. She melts.

3) Thrush. WTH, Thrush? Jonas wasn’t miserable enough with The Cold and The Snot and The Horse Voice That Makes Him Sound So Unbelievably Pathetic That His Muh Weeps for Him But Also Squees A Little From The Cute that you had to go and make your first ever known presence in the Bingmar Family? People, do you know what Thrush is? Thrush is, basically, a yeast infection in the mouth. Gross? Why yes it is. His tongue is all white and spotty looking. I thought only nursing babies got Thrush. Nope. Not sure how he got it but he’s currently being treated with a thick yellow substance that’s squirted into his mouth three times a day. Good times for Mr. Jonas!

As you can see, I was not kidding when I said he’s had an eventful month. And hell, all that stuff solidified this past week! He’s well on his way to the First Year Mark and I’m kind of having a hard time catching my breath.

Jonas, I can’t think of anything to say to you that I don’t say everyday in an incredibly high pitch voice that makes your duh-duh’s ears hurt: “Hi, Mr. Jonas! Dare you is! Dare you is! Dare’s my boy!” and “Oh you’s so cute! Oh yes you’s so cute!” But most important: “I love you and I’m so proud of you.”



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