Following the herd

So, hey, guess what! I live under a rock. A great big lamey lame rock.

I just found out about Twitter 3 months ago. That’s being generous. I would say it’s closer to 2 months ago.

Apparently this was all the rage a year ago.





Why am I doing the Twitter thing now even though it makes me want to punch myself?

I’m a little narcissistic.

There. I said it.

Ok, really I blame JordanJesseGo! Episode 63 to be specific.

Bastard hilarious podcast. You guys really should check it out.

So, I’m on Twitter now. It’s going to be slow in updates seeing as I don’t have a cell phone. But when it does update, it’ll post up on the left side there under “Following the Herd”. I wish I meant this The Herd

Anyway, some day I’ll hopefully get a phone (please send me suggestions on awesome cheap phones with internet access. If I’m going to get a phone I’m going all out. Cheaply.) but until then, eeehhhhhhhhhhhh. I’ll update when I manage to steal someone’s cell phone.

In other news! I have a gay couple and their birth mom living in my front yard:

I need to find me a gay pride flag and post it by their nest.

I need to find me a gay pride flag and post it by their nest.

And here’s a sleeping Jonas:

sleeping jonas

Time to make that egg salad I promised in that herd thing.


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