Stuff in the works: A list

A list of things I/We am/are working on:

A garden: Yes: we are going to attempt growing a garden in our back yard. Matt and I have talked about starting some “seedlings” in the house but that was soon nixed due to some bastard felines who would surely eat the poor baby greens. (This also doesn’t bode well for my fabled “indoor herb garden”.) We then thought, “Let’s put some on the deck so the cats can’t get them.” Nope. The bunnies would get them. “Surely they wouldn’t get them right away.” “Well, if they don’t, the bastard squirrels would surely dig them up.” What the hell, nature? Why are you making this so difficult before any actual work has been done?

Bookshelf: Matt is making me a bookshelf for mother’s day. It’s going to be awesome. Technically it’s Matt’s project so I shouldn’t be including it in the “Our Project List” list but he’s making me put away the christmas decorations that are hanging up in the family room downstairs to make room for the bookshelf so, y’know. It’s my project too.

Jaden’s Birthday Party: Oh MAN! Am I ever excited about this one, people. I don’t think I ever swore not to be one of those parents that goes overboard for their kids birthdays. I also think I’m just remembering things wrong so I don’t feel bad for totally going overboard for my kids’ birthdays. Jaden is going to have a  “Girl Pirate” themed party. This will include: decorate-your-own-treasure chests, a treasure hunt that will lead to an actual treasure chest pinata (Jaden informed me at Target the other day that she really really likes pinatas. I almost blew the surprise by saying, “Would you like—-something cool at your birthday?” “YEAH!” Good save.), pirate cupcakes, and Matt is planning on building a pirate ship with a wheel barrow-like attachement so he can pull the kids around the yard. I reminded him that the party will last maybe three hours tops. He’s not to be deterred.

Jonas’ Birthday Party: This one is a little fresh in the planning. So far all I had was “I want to make a dragon cake.” However, somehow today Jess and I got on the subject of dressing Jonas up in a baby dinosaur costume and POOF! Dino Party! Color scheme: green and brown. In addition to a Dinosaur cake, I’m thinking about making him a dinosaur foot print to tear up on his own. OR!! An egg cake!!

I think that’s it. There are a bunch of other little things I’ve got floating around in my head but they mostly include my purchasing adorable baking things.

On a differentnote:  Things I Thought Was a Good Idea But Grew Tired of List: You may have noticed I have not updated my “marcoda cooks?” blog in awhile. To tell the truth, I grew tired of it. Those posts take forever to create and, frankly, I’m over it. I’ll probably delete it soon so make sure you copy those 4 awesome recipes I put in there. OR!! I could just transfer them here. Yes. I will do that.


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  1. It sounds like your kids are going to have very cute and fun birthday paries. I love the Dinasaur theme. Hannah is still undecided on what she wants though she is leaning towards lil’ monsters though I have no clue why since she has never been a monsters type of girl, anyway best of luck with the party planning.

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