Great moments in parenting

Matt took the kids to his gramma’s birthday celebration thingie yesterday after ordering me to stay home and relax. And also after Jaden broke the wireless internet gadget thing for the desktop computer down stairs. (Jaden has been on a role “devil child” wise and this was just one of those “drive mommy and daddy insane” tasks she had to check off her list before 1 o’clock on a Sunday.)

Anyway, he took the kids to his aunt and uncle’s house. He has a cousin who has a three year old little girl, Eleanor, who is the sweetest most gentle little girl in the world. Like ever.  Jaden loves Eleanor and was so excited when she heard she would be there at the party. Matt says they had a lot of fun playing Connect Four for roughly an hour. This involved them racing to fill the board with all the pieces as they didn’t understand the concept of the game. But, hey, whatever works, right?

At one point both Jaden and Eleanor went missing so Matt went to look for them. He found them in the bathroom. Huddled around the toilet and examining the contents.

Matt: “Is it sad that I knew it was Jaden’s poop just by looking in the toilet?”

Me: “No, you’re a daddy. And really? This is Jaden we’re talking about.”


2 Responses

  1. it isn’t sad…as if a child in my house forgets to flush their $H!^ down the toilet i know who’s it is just by looking at it…surprising that it can differ from child to child…but it does.

  2. I can tell by the smell… Oh what parenthood does to us.

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