Tonight Tonight


 Wow, what a piss poor way to open a post.


But really?




Tonight is Bloc Party. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a concert. I was excited for Squirrel Nut Zippers but, honestly, it was because I got to dress up all pretty like and new we’d have a wholesome good time.


Tonight? It’s all about the music and dancing my fool ass off. Plus, it’s at First Ave and I think the last time I was there was my wedding after party. Of course I have a crappy memory so if I’ve been there since, Mr. Bingmar will be sure to let me know.


PLUS, I took a half day tomorrow so I’ll be heading home at noon to sleep. SLEEEEEP. My mom guilt kicked in a little bit and I thought, “Well, maybe I’ll just sleep for a couple hours then go get the kids.” Then my rational side kicked in and said, “What’s the matter with you? Sleep, woman! Take these few precious hours and sleep sleep sleep!”


So why not take the morning off and sleep in? Because I don’t work that way. I could be the most hung over I’ve ever been and running on 2 hours of sleep, and I won’t sleep past 8. It’s a sickness. I decided to just skip the tossing and turning and hours of wasted non-sleep and go to work, fill out some proposals and then head home and sleep right around the time I start crashing. Genius, no?


For now, I am focusing on what to drink tonight: Whiskey Coke or Beer?


I’m thinking both.


That was my original post. Before I went to the band’s website to grab the address so I could link to them. Before I found this:

“Hey guys,

We’re really, really sorry, but we’ve had to cancel our shows in Minneapolis, MN, and St. Louis, MO – Kele
contracted viral pharyngitis last week (which is why we had to cancel Ultra Festival).

After playing in Chicago last Saturday, he has been ordered to rest to avoid any permanent damage – we’re going to really try and return as soon as we can –
Again we’re really sorry to all of you that have got tickets for these shows – ticket refunds for both shows are available at the point of purchase.”

While I’m really sorry dude has pharyngitis and I really don’t want him to have permanent damage, may I just say this:



Word cannot describe the anticipation I was feeling for this show. This has been such a god awful long month and winter and this was going to be our release of all the stress we’ve been carrying in our little shoulders (all four of us that were going.). Nevermind that Bloc Party is currently my favorite fricken band and it would’ve been an amazing show. That’s on top of all the stress releasing stuff.

Now we’re all looking at eachother (cyberly in half the cases) asking, “now what?”

I’m thinking wings and lots and lots of beer.


2 Responses

  1. Is it wrong that I just spent the last ten minutes staring at my computer trying not to cry. Like, actually cry? Like I’m thirteen and I just found out N*Sync broke up or something (NO, I’m not speaking from personal experience). (Talk about using jokes to cover up how upset I actually am…). God, this sucks. I really needed a nice, stress-releasing night.

  2. dude…that sucks i am so sorry (for both you and Jess) i know that you all were looking forward to it. Hey if your really looking for something to do come with me to the CCC and watch my son with a cold continuously fall on his arse while attmepting to learn how to skate 😀

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